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  1. Howard B says:

    It was a day before Christmas and I wasn’t feeling well. It was a very sore throat but we were worried about if it was more and I would infect the relatives we were going to see. Our doctor was not available so we went to the er. On the way I told my dad my throat was killing me and he said lets get a Popsicle. We got to the hospital and were sent to the triage station where we explained that I wasn’t feeling good and wanted to get an opinion if I was contagious or not. The nurse ushered me to a bed, we were stunned because usually we’d have to wait an hour before getting seen. Nurses came over and started hooking me up to machines then the doctor came and started taking my blood pressure asking questions. We were pretty thrown then he started to sound like we would be staying over night and my dad said its just a sore throat. The doctor then asked and how long have his lips been blue? He then explained his throat was hurting so I got him a popsicle. Everything came to a big stop as the doctor and the nurses looked more frustrated then relieved. They thought something was wrong with my heart. I then waited about an hour to see a doctor who laughed and said at least you learned how to get back here quick. I wasn’t contagious and got to enjoy Christmas with my family.

  2. Jason James says:

    I can’t say my most over-the-top Christmas experience is anywhere close to that of Violent Night. But my most exciting memory as a kid on Christmas was waking up to receive a Charlotte Hornets NBA locker (made of plastic) that I could put a jersey in as well as other basketball related belongings. It was such a cool and unique gift and I used that for YEARS after receiving it. I don’t know if they even make such a thing anymore and I’m not even sure where my parents found it, but it was incredible!

  3. Stephan says:

    Back in the 70’s my grandfather decided to give my grandma a brand-new forest-green Audi for Christmas. But she was not amused, oh no, in fact she completely went nuts and bonkers, she made a massive scene, way over the top, verbally attacking my grandfather, arguing that the family couldn’t afford it. She then bolted out of the house and disappeared with no winter jacket or coat. Mind you this was Germany in December, very chilly, very cold. Well, some of the family members went out trying to find her, the others stayed with us children and tried to put a good face on it. Anyway, they found her eventually, brought her home and my grandfather was able to return the car to the dealer after the holidays.