The Law Is A Ass #454: Captain America Says Intern Stage Right

Bob Ingersoll

By day Bob Ingersoll was an attorney in the Cuyahoga County Public Defender Office, Appellate Division in Cleveland, Ohio, until he retired in 2009. But in the “Real World” he has also been a freelance writer since 1975, when he sold his first comic-book story to the late, lamented Charlton Comics. He’s still at it and, in addition to his long-running column “The Law Is a Ass” has sold stories to DC, Marvel, Innovation, Now Comics, Comico, Kitchen Sink and others; as well as co-authoring the novels Captain America: Liberty’s Torch and Star Trek: The Case of the Colonist’s Corpse. Bob is married with children, which is about as close to Al Bundy as he cares to get.

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2 Responses

  1. Russ Rogers says:

    Interesting article based on three panels of a maxi-failed maxi-crossover series. Cosmic Cubes are dopey. Too much power. Sentient Cosmic Cubes are dopier. But I didn’t read the series, so I really don’t know.

    Here’s a question. Why did Marvel include this three panel sub-plot? Is this the seed of some other, new maxi-fail maxi-series? How did the US Government under the Cosmic Spell of the Hydra-Cube even detain a bunch of Inhumans and keep them detained? That seems like a maxi-series worth of story right there? It sounds like an X-Men/Sentinels sort of plot. Oh well. That’s another maxi-crossover I will miss.

  2. Bob Ingersoll says:


    I really couldn’t tell you why those three panels were there. They certainly added nothing that was essential to the story. And, that I know of, there has been no further mention or use of the situation created in said panels. So I don’t know why they were there.

    Maybe Marvel intended to do more with the idea. This story appeared back in the days when Marvel was using Inhuman instead of mutants, because Marvel studios didn’t own the rights to use mutants. But now that Disney acquired Fox (so Marvel studios acquired the movie rights to mutants) the emphasis on Inhumans has dropped off significantly. So maybe Marvel Comics had someplace it was going to with the idea, but it was back burnered, when Marvel returned emphasis to its mutants.