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2 Responses

  1. Bernard Wallace says:

    Last summer my business was hit by a tornado and I feel that my life was out of my control. It was a very difficult time. Access to the building was cut off due to safety concerns and I feel like there was nothing I can do to help myself. Shortly after the tornado, my business partner got pancreatic cancer. It was a very tough time in my life.

  2. Andy G says:

    After graduating college, I had trouble finding work. After a while, I started working at a small business which I stayed at for a year. I would have stayed longer if it hadn’t went out of business. That was out of my control and I always dreaded job searching because people usually don’t want to interview/train people who have little to no experience even if they have more than one degree. I always thought I was just unlucky in that field but I thought I should stick it out since it was what I studied for in the first place. I have recently switched careers and now my life feels more stable than it has ever been in the last 7 years.