Joe Corallo: That Joke’s Not Funny Anymore

Joe Corallo

Joe Corallo is a queer cisgender white guy who tries to keep his privilege in check while residing in Queens, NY. He's been an active participant in life for three decades, has been reading comics for over two of those decades, and has dabbled in writing comics for over half a decade. He's self published four issues of a cyberpunk comic titled Electronic, has work published in Geeks OUT Presents: Power Anthology, Margins Publishing's Our Hearts Still Beat zine, and Grayhaven's The Gathering: Music anthology. He's currently back at self publishing with a new series, Saturn's Call, alongside co-creator and illustrator Robby Barrett with issue #2 ready for release later this year. A couple of other projects are going on currently that can't be announced yet. Joe also contributes at Geeks OUT and [insertgeekhere].

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8 Responses

  1. mike weber says:

    However, the way both companies are handling their properties right now with the constant reboots, reshuffling, shooting for short term profits and ignoring (at least publicly) long term solutions, the only reboot they really need to concern themselves with is in their legal departments.

    Why would you expect the comics industry to change the paradigm it’s always operated under?

    • Joe Corallo says:

      I don’t expect them to do anything about it, but it’s about survival. Industries constantly need to adapt and change to stay viable.

  2. Mindy Newell says:

    Well, first of all, Joe, regarding WATCHMEN: all I can say is to READ MY COLUMN! (I’m not self-aggrandizing here.)

    Regarding Cap: NO1NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!

    It not only shows a total lack of imagination, but IT IS AN INSULT TO EVERYTHING THAT THE CHARACTER HAS STOOD FOR SINCE HIS CREATION!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s an insult to Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. It’s an insult to every member of the “Greatest Generation” who fought in WW II. It’s an insult to the history of Marvel Comics. And it’s an insult to everything this country stands for.

    • Joe Corallo says:

      I did read it! I agree it should stay out of the main continuity and be it’s own thing. Before Watchmen was bad enough.

      And yeah, having that happen with Cap when it’s just a money grab makes it all the worse, too.

  3. mike weber says:

    I hadn’t heard anything about this whole kerfluffle until i read the May 27 installment of something*positive.

    I felt so much sympathy for Mike (the blonde guy), and not just because we share a name…

    This sort of thing is, of course, why i almost totally gave up reading anything in particular from the world of commercial comics years ago.


    Although, i must say, if you want to see real nerd rage, you need to read the comments under some webcomic that has, maybe, a couple thousand readers, sometimes.

    • Mindy Newell says:

      What’s the webcomic, Mike?

      • mike weber says:

        Almost any. I was speaking in the generic.

        Well, actually, i misspoke – it’s not the comments on the comics’ own sites that get nasty – it’s places like “The Bad Web Comics Wiki” and “Your Web Comic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad” (which uses a shot of Mallard Fillmore for a logo) where the real nastiness is likely to manifest.

        Especially misogyny and homophobia, of course.

        And there are entire forums dedicated to trashing xkcd, of course.

        TBWCW says on its front page:

        Warning: All content on the BWW is potentially Not Suitable For Work, detrimental to mental health, and heavily interspersed with caustic humor that is regularly abused as a pretense to ignore our advice. You Have Been Warned.