Mike Gold: James T. Kirk Is A What? And Ted Cruz Is A… What?

Mike Gold

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7 Responses

  1. George Haberberger says:

    “This must reaffirm my fellow ComicMix columnist Martha Thomases’s belief that Tony Stark is a Republican, an opinion I share despite Tony’s sense of humor. This was made clear in the Civil War storyline.”

    In the Civil War storyline, Tony Stark was pro-registration of super heroes and Captain America was anti-registration of super heroes. I viewed the possession of super powers as analogous to weapons. If you are an ordinary human and your neighbor is super-strong and invulnerable, it corresponds to you having no guns and your neighbor having an arsenal. In that scenario, Cap is a Republican since he opposes registration. Tony wants everyone registered; sounds like a Democrat to me.

    That whole storyline went to hell when Tony Stark was made a Joe McCarthy analog by having him appear before Congress saying, “I have in my hand a list of names…”

    If Mark Millar wanted Tony Stark to be the “bad guy” he should have taken the anti-registration stance, exposing all those who wouldn’t fall in line with the government.

  2. Captain Janeway says:

    It’s pretty funny that Cruz thinks Kirk is a pro-market Republican when Kirk existed in a post-scarcity society that was essentially a communist utopia. Does he not know that there isn’t really money in the Federation, and that people don’t base their lives around acquiring personal wealth? Methinks Ted Cruz is basing his ideas about Star Trek off of something he overheard one of his handlers talking about in passing once.

  3. Mindy Newell says:

    James T. Kirk was constantly prostellizing (spelling?) to everyone, especially the “new civilizations and strange new worlds” that the Enterprise visited.

    Yeah, Mike, I read that interview. What a joke.