Box Office Democracy TV Special: Daredevil

Arthur Martinez-Tebbel

Art Martinez-Tebbel is a writer/actor living in Los Angeles. For two years he saw the #1 movie in America every week and reviewed it for a project called Box Office Democracy. He can occasionally be seen doing improv comedy at a variety of independent venues. He is also a frequent guest at

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3 Responses

  1. I greatly enjoyed Daredevil, even if it did seemingly burn through a large number of DD villains quickly. There’s a fan-theory that it’s Leland Owsley’s son who will become The Owl, and that more than a few other characters we saw will return, not just in the second series, but in later Netflix series that will eventually lead up to The Defenders, mirroring the Cinematic Universe’s build perfectly.

    Showing a Wilson Fisk on his way up, before he was The Kingpin was a very neat idea, and indeed did make him a much more empathetic character.

  2. mike weber says:

    Daredevil feels more like an extended Christopher Nolan Batman film than it does anything else in the Marvel canon.

    Thank you for confirming my suspicion that i have no need to watch this.