Announcing the Mix March Madness 2015 Seeding Round! EXTENDED to 3/22!

Glenn Hauman

Glenn is VP of Production at ComicMix. He has written Star Trek and X-Men stories and worked for DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, Random House, arrogant/MGMS and Apple Comics. He's also what happens when a Young Turk of publishing gets old.

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14 Responses

  1. aaa says:

    There are like ten webcomics that I’d like to vote for not on the list – and I had to settle for choosing one of them… :(

    • aaa says:

      Heck, I’ll just list them here in case someone else may nominate them. Widdershins was the “Other” one I actually voted for BTW. :)

      Weregeek, Genre Unsavvy, Murder + Midnight, Strong Female Protagonist, Let’s Speak English, Rudek and the Bear, Shadowshifters, Mare Internum, VG Cats, The Noob, Shaking Off Sorcery.

      And since you have Nimona on the main list, I’m guessing that the “had to be updated this year” rule is not in effect this time. Under this condition I’d like to add Al’Rashad (final update is from 31/12/2014, more recent than Nimona’s).

      I’ve avoided all the NSFW comics – the rule is not mentioned, but there might still be separate contest in May?

  2. David Nuttall says:

    Conspicuous by their absence are some good web-comics I follow regularly: Strong Female Protagonist, Magellan, A Reasonable Case (non-fiction/philosophical – won a Drunk-Duck Award), Dynagirl, PS238, Pulse, Magical Misfits, Puck, Quantum Vibe, Sabrina Online, Superbitch, Supermom, Supernormal Step, Times Like This. There are several that I try to follow that update much less frequently that I did not list. Now, I appreciate that not everybody can make it on the list (there are just too many good ones out there), but you might want to look into these for next time.

  3. Jim says:

    I noticed that some (4) people who voted on my comic, Oddly Aroused in the “other” section, misspelled it and they are counted as single votes. I wonder if it can be fixed and added to the rest of the votes on the ComicMix end?

  4. mike weber says:

    Your link for the Hero Initiative is broken. Here’s a valid one.

  5. 3Xp4t says:

    There are dozens of webcomic titles missing. When you get to “Other,” you can only add a single comic. I could have added ~20 just from memory, more if I looked at my bookmark list. There needs to be a box just to add nominations, and I notice some that have been added under “Other” aren’t available for people to vote on.

    You guys really needed about a month-long nominating process, including some process of letting webcomic artists AND THE READER COMMUNITY even know about this contest so they could advertise it and participate.

    Carry On, The Whiteboard, Gunnerkrigg Court, Oglaf, Moon over June, Breaking Cat News, Ménage à 3, Sandra on the Rocks, Skadi, Genocide Man, Midnight Lady, Poisoned Minds, Plush and Blood, Vexxarr!, Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic, Oddly Aroused, Out There …. OKay. So I got stuck at only 17 from memory.

    Not much of a “tournament” with under 1000 votes and so many titles missing. Also, would have helped to make the titles clickable to their websites so people could evaluate unfamiliar titles prior to voting even on the seed round.

    • mor says:

      Gunnerkrigg isn’t in here because it won previously and opted out of competing again.

    • David Nuttall says:

      If memory serves me correctly, NSFW and strictly adult comics are excluded from this version of ComicMix contest. The Adult contest comes up in May or so. So that means that Oglaf and Ménage à 3 (of the ones I recognize) would not qualify for this tourney.

  6. Yorp says:

    I note that Mansion of E has managed to get split into four different entries. Please could you amalgamate them into just the one.

    Clearly there would not be time to re-cast all the votes, at this late stage, so I hope you can add them all together manually? As you seemed to be able to do with one of the other such situations.

    Especially as these are not isolated strays, but a significant split vote.

  7. Yorp says:

    Similarly, there are three entries for Dungeon Grind.

    I imagine this stems from some folks just putting in the plain name, and others opting for the URL. Other than the issue of typos.

    Allowing folks to vote by directly clicking on an already nominated write-in vote would help to reduce such splits, in future votes.

    I too would endorse an extended nomination period. Whilst I do recognise that making it too long would loose impetus for the actual voting, I do feel that too little time is being given for folks to spread the word, and drum up support for their various favourites.

    The more folks you can get interested in the outset, the more will follow the competition, and the greater the validity it will garner in the industry. Not to mention allowing more fundraising opportunity.