Mike Gold: More Superhero Movies of the Ancients

Mike Gold

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2 Responses

  1. rick obadiah says:

    Mike – really enjoyed your last two articles on the serials. Flash Gordon, as you opine, is the BEST. The three Flash Gordon serials you mention are also available in a DVD box set: Space Soldiers, Flash Gordon’s Trip To Mars, and Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe for just $9.49 at Amazon. In my opinion, other than the The Kinks Retrospective Album (thank you my friend), the Flash Gordon set is just about the best stocking stuffer for under ten bucks you can get for a comic, teevee, sci-fi, pulp fiction, and Buster Crabbe fan.

    If readers are interested: http://www.amazon.com/Flash-Gordon-Soldiers-Conquers-Universe/dp/B00004Y2QO

  2. mike webher says:

    Minor point: Walter Gibson was hired by Street & Smith to create a pulp series based on the “Man in Black” who narrated a radio series based on one of their titles.

    The first Shadow story refers to this.

    Also, even minor point: It was considered a throwaway title – might make a few bucks, might last a while, might not – and given such a low priority that the art department didn’t even commission an original cover painting; they just looked through their files and found one that had a vaguely menacing shadow in it and used that.

    The shadow was vaguely menacing a terrified oriental, so Gibson had to do a rewrite to include an oriental bad guy.

    Most insignificant point of all: Gibson refers to the Shadow using “automatic revolvers”.