Mike Gold: Saturday Cartoons No More? Sleep In!

Mike Gold

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3 Responses

  1. Chuck Williams says:

    This was my reaction, originally posted on Facebook, to an article on Gizmodo about the end of Saturday morning cartoons:

    “Sure, I get a little nostalgic twinge of sadness that the broadcast networks aren’t doing Saturday morning cartoon blocks anymore….but is this necessarily a bad thing? Those of you who also grew up with Saturday morning cartoons, consider this:

    What made Saturday mornings so special for us as kids? Wasn’t part of it the fact that, once upon a time, that was the *only* day and time of the week when you could get TV cartoons on a regular basis? Think about it–sure, we got the specials in prime time on the various holidays, and occasionally even a non-holiday animated special, but back when all we had was an antenna and the broadcast networks, Saturday morning was pretty much the only part of the week where you *knew* you could get cartoons. That made Saturday morning truly “special” for us as kids.

    Now, Saturday morning isn’t so special anymore….but again, is it necessarily a bad thing? Why isn’t Saturday morning as special? Because cartoons are on cable….and DVD….and Blu-ray….and streaming video….they’re available. Everywhere. ALL THE TIME.

    Saturday morning will always be “special” to some of us for the memories….but I’m not as sad as I thought I would be that Saturday morning as I knew it doesn’t exist anymore. I can pull a Looney Tunes DVD off my shelf and watch it; I can cue up episodes of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends on Netflix.

    I don’t have to wait for cartoons anymore–and that’s AWESOME.”

  2. mike weber says:

    I remember when Saturday morning was mostly live action – “The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock”, “Sky King”, “Fury”, “Hopalong Cassidy”, etc. (We got our first TV in 1953 or so.)

    In those days Sugar Pops boxes featured Guy Madison and Andy Devine.

    • mike weber says:

      oh the pops are sweeter
      and the taste is new –
      they’re shot with sugar
      through and through!

      kellogg’s sugar corn pops –
      sugar pops are tops!

      …and Guy Madison or Andy Devine on the front of the cereal box would fire his six-guns twice.

      And Mickey Dolenz would eat his ceral.