Review: Knight Rider Premiere

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4 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    I just watched the show online and I totally hated the two nerd techs. They completely pulled me out of the show whenever they appeared. For me, if this show is to last the staff must either get rid of thses characters or remove their "comedic" elements.Otherwise, I thought this was a good first episode. I'll likely watch the second.

  2. David says:

    You jump before you look Matt. It will now not be with 100% Less Hoff if new reports are any indication that to give stability to the show they are working on a contract, which would see a full time role be extended to the original Michael Knight. It is also not "Sam and Diane" but "Jack and Diane" comparing Mike Traceur and Sarah Graiman to the two American Kids growing up in the heartland as sung by John Mellencamp. The CGI effects were Fast and the Furious nonsensical Transformer nonsense and how do you assemble a whole "K.I.T.T. cave" crew with no intoduction showing no development from the two hour backdoor pilot. It was an extremely weak followup.

  3. Matt Raub says:

    Hate to correct you correcting me, David, but the idea of SAM and Diane isn't a reference to Mellencamp's ballad of teenage love, but a reference to sexual tension from the two leads, like in the TV series "Cheers" in which the audience always wanted characters SAM and DIANE to get together, and the writers would dangle it in front of us each episode.Also, the series may get Hasselhoff, but the premiere, which was what this is a review for, had 0% Hoff.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous as in i dont want to plaster my name alk over the net…now.i think the show is awsome now now people the show is for that are the same age i was when i met kitt and michael knight for the first time back when.and as a 39 years old man when i look back and compare..both kitts old and new when in attack mode are tacky and cheezy cardboard looking,so if you can get past that fact,it sure is a show for young boys and also it is a show i wish i had a son to watch it with and …i dont know compare notes on the cars features stuff like to you guys who beat the show up with your logical aproach COME ON do you honnestly thing a 2010 mustang or 1982 firebird actualyfly 50feet in the air and 100 feet distance on a super dupper turbo boost actualy is for real.yall still following me.its a show that feeds and stimulates immagination.just hush and enjoy if not just keep zaping your remote and lets boys be boys .