Mike Gold: Peter Capaldi as the Ultimate Evil

Mike Gold

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2 Responses

  1. As did everyone else on Earth, I immersed myself in the catalog of Mr Capaldi after his announcement as the new Doctor. His work is varied and impressive.

    If I had access to The Musketeers (Which I couldn’t possibly, it’s not like there’s some electronic network that makes TV shows available globally less than a few hours after their broadcast…) I would applaud his work in the series, not to mention that of the entire cast. It’s fun seeing where actors were last seen – one of the Musketeers was on Heroes, and the King was just in The Hobbit as the first tattletale to the head of Laketown.

  2. Mindy Newell says:

    My two favorite MUSKETEERS movies are:

    1948: Gene Kelly as d’Artagnan, Lana Turner as Milady, Angela Lansbury as Constance, Vincent Price as Richelieu…

    1973: The best! Michael York as d’Artagnan, Faye Dunaway as Milady, Richard Chamberlain as Aramis, Oliver Reed as Athos, Raquel Welch as Constance, Geraldine Chaplin as Queen Anne, Charlton Heston as Richelieu—directed by Richard Lester.

    The 1973 version divided the movie into two parts (a prequel, of sorts, to the divided TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN and THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINJAY), with the second movie debuting in 1974 and titled THE FOUR MUSKETEERS.