Michael Davis: You Better Recognize

Michael Davis

Master Of The Universe, Lord Of All Media, Most Interesting Black Man In the World, Sexiest Man on Earth, Mentor, Writer, Artist, Producer & Uppity.

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10 Responses

  1. Paul Smith says:

    “It’s important because brand is important. How you manage or don’t manage your brand can be the reason the business world gives you respect and takes you seriously ” and Dwayne McDuffie was the face of it, just like Steve Jobs was the face of Apple.He was the one who made statement’s online and at the con’s that he was taking Milestone back to DC and the one who took the blame and answered questions about it at his website.The question now is who is the face of Milestone now and fighting for it ?

    Your right to tell people on the who set it up and why because its too important story to get wrong as it changed the game for comic books and still does.

    • Paul,

      You underscore my point, Jobs WAS the face of Apple. However Jobs created Apple and a lot of Apple’s myth was built around Jobs and he played into that. Dwayne always made the characters and the stories THE story.

      When Jobs died it’s more than fair to think that Apple may be rudderless without it’s founder. Milestone’s founder Denys Cowan, and it’s co-founders are still very much with us.

      ALL that said-YES you are SO right Dwayne was the ‘go to’ guy for most things Milestone and boy were we glad he was.

      About who will be the face of Milestone now, I’m not sure if we need a face for two reasons, the first is whoever the ‘face’ is they will immediately be compared with Dwayne. NO ONE can replace Dwayne and no one would even try but that will be the narrative and frankly it would be a distraction much like the company Ania was when we started Milestone.

      The second reason is Milestone has ALWAYS been about good stories, well told and faces don’t do that, creators do.

      Thanks for your post, it gave me a lot think about.

      • mike weber says:

        Jobs was a leech who took other peoples’ genius and turned it into “Jobs is all-knowing”.

        Face it – the man nearly destroyed Apple before he was forced out. While he was out,many of the things that later somehow became Jobs’ ideas were introduced.

        When he came back, he destroyed the Apple IIgs, which was Woz’s last real association with Apple.

        I was an Apple fanboy until Jobs began turning the Mac into a cult…

      • Paul Smith says:


        First thanks for taking time to answer my comment, as I was worried after posting it that it may come over troll like.I feel your right about not needing a new “Milestone Face”, but can’t help but not only worry about the characters and the IP’s while its there still at DC as the next fight for you and Denys Cowan, and it’s other co-founders is correcting people’s misconception over the deal itself, a lot of the DC “readership” who comment on the forums at CBR feel that DC now own Milestone !.That misconception started when DC with the new 52 introduced a group of bad guys going by the name of the “Shadow Cabinet” in title called “Stormwatch” a few months after Dwayne had passed.

        “The second reason is Milestone has ALWAYS been about good stories, well told and faces don’t do that, creators do”

        is bang on the money too as Dwayne said at the time BIG NAMED creators who were working at DC at the time the deal was done,were lining up wanting for chance to play in that sandbox

        • Paul,

          Dude if I had a dollar for every time someone TOLD me (not asked me) that Milestone was owned by DC…

          Milestone has never been and still isn’t owned by DC.

          About the “Shadow Cabinet” I was NOT aware of that. That’s a conversation to be had to be sure.

  2. Emily S. Whitten says:

    This is a tough situation to be in, because, as you said, some people might think it’s about “sour grapes” or some such. But it’s obviously very important to correct the misconception, which I’ve seen as well. And even though it’s not just about getting proper credit, per se, certainly all of you should be getting proper credit for your contributions!

    I also think it makes for a more interesting story, having several talented folks collaborating on such a project; which is handy, since that happens to be the real story. :)

    • Emily,

      Milestone has been around for 20 years and for 20 years misconception and outright falsehoods have been around. However-when the company is about to be immortalized at the biggest pop culture event in the world you cannot lies stand or that lie becomes the accepted truth.

      • Emily S. Whitten says:

        Oh, I totally agree! (And also, congrats again on the 20 years and the being honored at SDCC! So great!) People should be made aware of the true history of the company, as well as where it stands today; and if they are not, it could negatively impact current/future plans for the company, as you touched on in your column. It’s very important to speak up, and be loud and clear about the true facts.

        I also forgot to mention earlier, but I am, like you, appalled that the reporter couldn’t be bothered to look up and/or list everyone’s names. That is extremely shoddy journalism!

  3. I honestly hope this is the case of run of the mill ignorance, or poor reporting, and not a case of idiots freaking (subconsciously or otherwise) over the idea that so many wonderfully powerhouse creative persons of color might create something special en masse.