Michael Davis: Brokeback Bastard

Michael Davis

Master Of The Universe, Lord Of All Media, Most Interesting Black Man In the World, Sexiest Man on Earth, Mentor, Writer, Artist, Producer & Uppity.

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13 Responses

  1. Dan McFarland says:

    Well, I can see you are taking the high moral ground. It amazes me that you feel justified in prejudging Card’s work based on his beliefs. One can be opposed to gay marriage & still love the person who is gay. This is not accepted by people like yourself who can not accept any view but your own. And you act as you think the other side acts and justify your narrow mindedness. So much for open mindedness, waiting to see what Card produces and judging that. I hope you realize that your column is an example of intolerance & hate, the very things you would claim to despise in others.

    • Dan,

      Read the piece again I said nothing about his work, I even called him a pretty good writer. I said, let the guy write the book. Lastly I said, if people have a problems with his views ( as I do) to take him to task over that.

      You have every right to take ME to task over what I wrote but what you object to IS NOT what I wrote.

      • Dan McFarland says:

        I see. Card is not allowed to work in comics if he disagrees with you. Calling for publicly humiliating someone in inappropriate forums because you disagree with their position on marriage is not hateful. Your call to publicly harass him at every turn is so open minded of you, not at all displaying a closed minded bigotry of your own. Maybe someday you will understand the line of civility and public propriety you have crossed but then you won’t have any defense to fall back on.

        • I don’t agree with your interpretations of what I wrote, but I do respect that you believe what you do even if I feel you are wrong.

          • Dan McFarland says:

            How did I misinterpret the following words?
            “Take the writer to task at every turn. Make him own his views. Challenge him all the places where DC will send him to promote the book. Like comic book conventions, or any online forums, or any book signings anywhere he will show his bigoted face.”
            The forums you want people to “challenge” Card in are not appropriate. There are ways to get out your arguments on the subject but by being the way you perceive the other side (which may or may not be true) becomes a case of the kettle calling the pot black. Maybe Card would be willing to have an interview or discussion on gay marriage that could be posted here. Being respectful (ie. treating him as you would want to be treated) in both an interview & write-up would be the best way to put forward your views. The give & take of a dialog allows both sides to make arguments, attack & defend those arguments (not the person making them). At the end of the day the most honest thing you can do is clarify where you & he differ and let the readers decide. That would be an appropriate forum.

        • Dan,

          I see your point(s) however my objective was to offer an alternative to a boycott or trying to get the guy fired to those (like me) who want to show their ire at his sometimes very vile statements.

          That said, I like your take on another way to go and if given the opportunity I would have that discussion with him.

          • Cliven says:

            Mike. .

            Ask others to boycott his work (DC comics or any) because he believes differently than you? Ask the public to punish him for having different views on gender relations. . . Interesting choice, given the reasons behind it are usually to *increase* conversation on that subject, and not shut it down.

            You said; “my objective was to offer an alternative to a boycott or trying to get the guy fired to those (like me) who want to show their ire at his sometimes very vile statements. ”

            How very noble of you. We are to assume a boycott or firing was warranted in the 1st place? A firing based on gender beliefs would, if I understand the law right, be grounds for an unwarranted termination suit, at least in some states.

            Is he bigoted? I have no idea: never heard him speak on the matter. MIGHT I avoid his work, were I to find he is bigoted? Possibly, but I also adore H.P. Lovecraft, who absolutely hated a group that is part of *my* ethnic background (actually, he hated just about all other ethnicities), and apparently even railed against them (in a cloaked fashion) in his writings. Despite his prejudices vs “my kind”, I still read, and buy, his works. *My* choice, of course.

            If you want to boycott him for his stance against you and others of like-mind-and-heart, *fine*, but casting a general campaign of misery as the right thing to do is still as much a hate-based activity as those you claim to oppose. Simply pointing out that he is a bigot might achieve far, far more. Contrasting his hiring with Green Lantern’s recent gender-revisioning might make for interesting reading: oh the irony, DC!

            However. .

            Trying to enforce the idea that your way is so right, that any who disagree with you should be punished, is exactly what you should NOT be doing; it makes your own (oft barely-tenable, due to prejudices of the majority of the population) position seem quite invalid.

            I’ve never actually seen someone cut their own legs off whilst trying to move about on them before. Bravo.

            While I understand, and can almost empathize with your position, Dan’s point stands, imo.

          • Cliven,

            Good points, all well made.


            I’m not trying ‘to enforce the idea that my way is so right’ like you say. My way is right for ME. People can live anyway they want. If you don’t want me in your club it’s your club, period.

            If he wants to live in a world where HE never sucks a dick than that’s his right.

            Frankly, that’s the world I live in. But anyone else can have at that dick, I’m OK with people living the way they choose to live.

            He said,

            “Laws against homosexual behavior should remain on the books…to be used when necessary to send a clear message that those who flagrantly violate society’s regulation of sexual behavior cannot be permitted to remain as acceptable, equal citizens.”

            Translation: Those faggots are second class citizens and should be jailed or worst.

            This is America, not IRAN we don’t persecute those who don’t think or live like us and when someone speaks that type of venom we speak out against it.

            Card his actions, words and membership in anti-gay organizations are a campaign for hate. His celebrity gives him a major bully pulpit in which to spread those views.

            Any challenges against his views are, in my opinion, campaigns against that hate.

  2. John Sullivan says:

    Look, the guy has an opinion, its his, and its his right to have it. Neither I nor others have to agree with it. The fact is it also has nothing to do with his job unless he intentionally writes with anti-gay overtones so everyone should do what they should have done during the Clinton/intern incident and mind their business. At this point, he has done absolutely nothing wrong while under the employ of DC Comics and for legal reasons probably can’t be fired without DC Comics being sued. Get a grip and check your phobias at the door.

    • John,

      As I told Dan, I said let him write the book. I did not say fire him. Regarding my ‘phobia’ that would be fear of heights not anti- gay writers.

      • John Sullivan says:

        Sorry Michael, my phobia comment was a general statement, not directed at you in particular. The subject seems to have been given more life than it deserves is my point. If the man does something wrong regarding his job, then there may be something to talk about. Firing him seems to be what some people are dancing around. If not, there is nothing to argue. Again, my previous statement wasn’t clear on this.

  3. Mindy Newell says:

    Well, I understand the business side of it. Orson Scott Card is a prolific and popular writer whom DC is betting will bring in lots of $$$$$. And I understand the “high moral ground” that Michael and Dan and John are arguing above: judge the guy on his writing, not on his personal views.

    However, Card’s views are not personal in that he is a member of of the MARRIAGE IS ONLY BETWEEN A MAN AND WOMAN BOARD, or whatever the hell it’s called. He has publicly stated that gay men and women should be ostracized and worse.

    Superman is an icon. Superman stands for justice for all. Superman stands for the American dream. Superman stand for the pursuit of happiness. Superman stands for TRUTH.

    Card does NOT stand for justice for all. Card does NOT stand for the American dream. Card does NOT stand for the pursuit of happiness. Card does NOT stand for TRUTH.

    Hatred and bigotry is rampant again in this country. Just look at what’s happening in Congress. The total blockage of Obama’s proposals, the continuation of the birthers and their lies, the about-to-be sequestration of our economy is all about the hatred of our first black President. OPERATIVE WORD IS BLACK.

    Hiring Card to write an American icon is disgusting because Card is against everything the American dream stands for.

    That’s my opinion, plain and simple.

    • Mindy,

      Sooooooo can I expect a ‘What inspired you to write that Superman story and what gives you the fucking right to decide how others should live?-if by chance Mr. Scott comes to a comic book store near you?

      My question will be asked while throwing up gang signs and wearing a GLAAD tee-shirt or hat whichever matches my outfit.