Review: Aces Weekly – Today’s Newest Future

Mike Gold

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4 Responses

  1. You like anthologies? Well now. That goes against the very first e-mail you sent me. Revenge!

  2. I love anthologies, but I can’t trust pure-digital publishing after an experience I had a couple months ago with one of the major platforms. I asked Mark if his story would ever see print down the road (cuz I LOVE his work, like all good folks across the world) but he said the contract they’d signed precluded it for at least a very long time.

    • I’m doing a strip with writer Ferg Handley for Volume Two of Aces Weekly. We don’t have a contract with David, but a “gentleman’s agreement” that anything we do for Aces won’t see print for at least two years.

      • acesweekly says:

        We depend on the reputations of our creators not contracts – Aces Weekly is a collective of all the folks who want to do the same thing : make comics but make comics a better provider for themselves by going straight to the buyer. It’s a new concept and we try to reduce barriers between that and the action to act on it, thus the absence of formality and the presence of trust, which is as real as filed contracts to all our contributors because they all know who I am and what I stand for : )