Mike Gold: Cold Ennui

Mike Gold

ComicMix's award-winning and spectacularly shy editor-in-chief Mike Gold also performs the weekly two-hour Weird Sounds Inside The Gold Mind ass-kicking rock, blues and blather radio show on The Point, www.getthepointradio.com and on iNetRadio, www.iNetRadio.com (search: Hit Oldies) every Sunday at 7:00 PM Eastern, rebroadcast three times during the week – check www.getthepointradio.com above for times and on-demand streaming information.

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17 Responses

  1. See? You should have read The Samurnauts: Curse of the Dreadnuts. 36 pages of story, with about 32 of content. That’s beating Marvel and DC… :)

    Sorry to hear (er… see) your voice got Pekar’ed. Hopefully not for long. A solid matzoh ball is the sucrets of the Jews.

    • Mike Gold says:

      Last matzoh ball I ate was in 1985. I’ll let you know when I’ve finally passed it. But that’s a great pun.

      Samurnauts… no, that’s not ringing a bell.

    • Mike Gold says:

      Last matzoh ball I ate was in 1985. I’ll let you know when I’ve finally passed it. But that’s a great pun.

      Samurnauts… no, that’s not ringing a bell.

  2. George Haberberger says:

    Mike, I’m curious about the title of this post. Are you familiar with a Michael Nesmith song, Grand Ennui?

    • Mike Gold says:

      Grand Ennui came down between the Monkees and Elephant Parts. I love “One Ton Tomato.” Actually, I love all of Elephant Parts / Television Parts. Funny you should mention. It was announced just yesterday that Mike Nesmith has taken the vacant spot on the upcoming Monkees tour. And if I get my voice back (it’s now at 65%) I’ve got a slightly obscure Monkees song, Goin’ Down, programmed for this Sunday’s Weird Sounds Inside The Gold Mind, on The Point.

      But no, that’s not where the title came from. It evolved into Cold Ennui from “Cold Wind Blowing,” which evolved out of Walter Horton’s “West Winds Are Blowing,” which is a great Sun Records blues tune from back when.

      Of course it’s possible I was channelling the First National Band — I used to play ’em on Chicago air back in those hallowed Marconi days!

  3. George Haberberger says:

    Wow! I’m impressed. I’ve got about 7 Mike Nesmith albums. Love “Tantamount to Treason” and the song Highway 99 with Melange, “Without a transmission, you ‘caintengo’.” I’ve got Elephant Parts on tape and DVD. I also have all the Monkees albums too and there was a time I could not admit that.

    • Mike Gold says:

      I’ve come full circle. When I was a teenager, the Monkees were on teevee and it was cool to be a fan… if you were a teenager. When I got on the air in the early 70s, some people thought it was very cool to play them and many others thought they were lame rip-offs. Still a third group thought that playing the Monkees was an insult to the Beatles. These people belonged to a cult called “idiots.”

      When Baby Boomers started bitching about their lost childhood — this was about 35 years ago — the Monkees became cool again.

      Now, I’m thinking it might be fun to go to their NYC gig. Depending on the venue, I wouldn’t be surprised if it sells out.

      • mike weber says:

        I hadn’t heard there was gonna be another tour.

        As to the New 52: I find “Batwoman” pretty much unreadable, and i think that ditching Stephanie Brown and making Babs Gordon Batgirl again was a bad idea on more than one front.

        • Mike Gold says:

          Gail really makes it work. She got me interested in how Barbara healed, and where she’s yet to heal. Nice human interest. And I gather (but I really don’t understand) that the New 52 means never having to say your old stories are silly, so Stephanie wasn’t ditched, she was retroed out of existence. Maybe. I think. I guess. Perhaps. Don’t mean she won’t be back. Or that I’ll care. Marc Fishman has a nice column about how Marvel Now seems to be handling things as opposed to the New 52 coming up this Saturday; check it out.

          Batwoman, on the other hand, seems to have continued pretty much as is from its pre-52 run in Detective. I guess. Maybe. Anyway, it’s a bit of effort to catch up and stay on top of it, but it’s worth it for me.

  4. The nugget that grabbed me was the line, “I look forward to our next GrimJack series…” Is this a thing? Did I miss an announcement, or was that some type of analogy/metaphor?

    • Mike Gold says:

      You haven’t missed an announcement, Neil. We’re in talks…

      • Great fun lunching with you, Mike. I thought you were referencing Cole Porter’s “I Get a Kick Out of You”:My story is much to sad to be told
        But practically everything leaves me totally cold
        The only exception I know is the case
        When I’m out on a quiet spree, fighting vainly the old ennui
        Then I suddenly turn and see
        Your fabulous face
        I get no kick from champagne
        Mere alcohol doesn’t thrill me at all
        So tell me why should it be true
        That I get a kick out of you

        • Mike Gold says:

          Actually, Porter had to make a number of revisions to that now classic tune. As reported truthfully in Blazing Saddles, the “champagne” verse originally went:

          Some get a kick from cocaine

          I’m sure that if

          I took even one sniff

          That would bore me terrifically, too

          Yet, I get a kick out of you

          And prior to the Lindbergh kidnapping, the final verse originally went:

          I get no kick in a plane

          I shouldn’t care for those nights in the air

          That the fair Mrs. Lindbergh goes through

          But I get a kick out of you.

          Cole didn’t mention which “Mrs.” Lindbergh to which he was referring. America’s best-known bigot kept a separate family going in Germany. Three children from that one. Six from his American wife.

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