Captain Marvel Flies In Captain Marvel Jr’s Wake

Mike Gold

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4 Responses

  1. Tym Stevens says:

    Great catch, Mike!

    A lot of young readers may not realize that this Captain Marvel is also clearly a new riff on Miraclewoman, whom Alan Moore created for MIRACLEMAN in 1986: the colors and cut of her costume rhyme with MM himself; and the updo that Carol now often sports slyly mimics MW’s punk cut.

    20 years of no reprints have allowed for many elements of MM to be riffed by other comics series: MARVELS; KINGDOM COME; Marvel Boy; Black Adam in WWIII; the black-costumed Mary Marvel, etc. With Marvel promising to reprint MARVELMAN, young folks will finally get to enjoy the source of Carol’s cool makeover.

    Meanwhile we can only hope the reprints actually come. (And that Gaiman gets to finish his run!)

  2. JosephW says:

    Well, if McGuiness had actually drawn the interior to Capt Marvel #1, it *might* have been worth reading. I picked up the book and looked through it and it just made my eyes hurt. I wasn’t even able to read any dialogue because the art was just that awful.

  3. Glenn Hauman says:

    If that\’s a swipe of Schaffenberger, then he was swiping Mac Raboy from the cover of Master Comics #32.

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