MIXED REVIEW: Glenn and Mike Geek Out Over “The Avengers”

Mike Gold

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3 Responses

  1. Fob says:

    I hate when everyone with a blog decides that pushing 3D is a good idea.

    • Mike Gold says:

      It’s not a vast conspiracy — at least, not one I’ve been part of thus far. In fact, I’ve often editorialized here that 3-D is, at best, no big deal. But in the case of The Avengers, I think it worked. I think it aided the experience. And since this is a review, that’s what I said.

      In my megaultraplex, at least, there was a 2-D showing in the compartment right next to the 3-D showing. I noticed many people doing into that one. They had a choice. I decided to go the 3-D route on a whim, and as it happens — and for the first time — I’m glad I did.

      I’ll probably repeat that experience for Batman, and at an IMAX theater at that. About a third of the movie was filmed specifically for IMAX. Like 3-D, IMAX has yet to impress me. Let’s see what they’ve got.

  2. I saw it in 2D. Didn’t feel like i was missing anything, personally. There were only a few holes/flubs I caught that jarred me. Ultimately, the flick did exactly what I wanted it to do for me. Everyone got great character moments. Hawkeye and Black Widow didn’t personally do anything for me. If anything, Rufalo stole this one. Loved everything they did with the Hulk here. Also kudos to Tom Hiddleston… he was very much correct; Joss really gave him some scenery to chew on. I”ll want to see it again, but fear it won’t be until it’s on DVD… or my folks want to babysit another night.