A Death In Our Family

Mike Gold

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10 Responses

  1. Mike, my sincerest condolences to you and all of Mr. Tebbel’s friends and family.

  2. George Haberberger says:

    I also offer my sincere condolences to Martha and Arthur as well as everyone who knew John.

  3. John Ostrander says:

    Well said, Mike, and echoed here. I didn’t have those conversations with John that you did but I feel his loss because i know and love Marta and I know what this is like.

  4. unshavenmarc says:

    We are indeed an extended family here, and I’m truly sorry to see another loss in it. Martha knows that all of us are here for her. While I never had the opportunity to meet John, I’d like to think I would have enjoyed his company. While I’m barely able to keep up with the repartee with the fine folks within this family as it is… I’d like to think that I would have cherished the opportunity to hear his wit in person.

  5. My condolences on your lost.

  6. It does indeed feel in every way like a death in the family. Martha, Art-be strong you guys-EVERYONE is thinking about you.

  7. mike weber says:

    What they all said in the other posts.

  8. He was there for the start of Friends of Lulu, and I was there for its end. I never crossed paths with him, but I liked his articles very much. My heart goes out to everyone who did enjoy the chance to know him.

  9. Ellen Orris Tebbel says:

    Reading tributes toJohn and Martha such as this one from their dear friends has helped to make an unbearable tragedy more easier to bear as each day goes by. Thank you from a very grateful mother.

  10. Ellen Orris Tebbel says:

    You have helped me more than anything could st this time.

    I love all of you for loving John.

    Ellen Tebbel, Proud to be his Mom Thank you.