MICHAEL DAVIS: The Greatest Story Never Told

Michael Davis

Master Of The Universe, Lord Of All Media, Most Interesting Black Man In the World, Sexiest Man on Earth, Mentor, Writer, Artist, Producer & Uppity.

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10 Responses

  1. Mark Turner says:

    Ever the master of the ciff-hanger. Guess I have to wait for part II. You have my attention!

    • Oh come on Mark! You and I both know stories are better when there is a cliff hanger involved. The only thing better is a cliff-hanger with BACON.

  2. Kyle G. says:

    Curse your dramatic ending. Can you give us a sample of next article? A preview so to speak

  3. Sean D. Martin says:

    Lovern Kindzierski

    • Sean,

      I didn’t kill Lovern, I tried. He’s a slippery little Canadian…

      • Sean D. Martin says:

        Why would you try? All you need to do is get him to drop the “r” from his last name so it matches the way you spelled it. Certainly only a little intimidation is need, a discussion involving kneecaps, perhaps. No need to threaten his life.

  4. Reg says:

    Thanks for this, mOTu. Receiving insight that even someone at your level has to sometimes wait YEARS to get a baby birthed (with apologies to Ms. McQueen), gives me hope that THMTM will one day see the ink of the storyboard. Coz’ it’s a pretty baby…with good hair, don’tchuknow? :-P

  5. Mindy Newell says:

    Can’t wait to read Part II, Michael!!!!

    Terrific column!

    These days I rarely lie to myself, but that’s because of yeeeaars of therapy! :-D!