MIKE GOLD: Superman’s Return To Superman

Mike Gold

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4 Responses

  1. Kyle G. says:

    action Comics has definitely been the strongest new series I’ve read so far. The direction they’ve taken Superman (backwards?) has been positive for me and seems perfect for the world we’re all living in. With everything that’s gone on in the real world who doesn’t want to see Superman throw a corrupt business man off a building?
    As for his out fit, it almost makes me think of a kid using whatever he has in his closet to dress like Superman. That might be intentional or just an aspect of what Morrison and Morales are doing but I prefer that it’s not Kryptonian armor right off the bat.

  2. I don’t read DC, never have except for Warlord and occasional Jonah Hex stuff. But I am looking forward to All-Star Western #1 (out next week, I think). There simply are not enough western books out there, and I so love them.

  3. George Haberberger says:

    Superman’s red trunks may have been stupid. I’m not totally convinced that’s true. They’ve just become a joke that comedians like to make about wearing his underwear on the outside, but they like swimming trunks, not underwear. And even if you think they’re stupid, they are as much a part of his look as the cape.

    As I said on Mindy Newell’s blog, I don’t like Superman acting like Batman but this is how Seigel and Shuster portrayed him so I’ll wait and see if he evolves a little from this current attitude.

  4. MattComix says:

    I might be able to live with the super-hobo costume if his eventual upgrade wasn’t going to be pop-collar tech armor.