Jeffrey Catherine Jones, 1944 – 2011

Mike Gold

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7 Responses

  1. wittytoon says:

    Could you at least figure out that Jeffrey was a man…and not say she/her all over your post? Kind of dis-respectful.

  2. wittytoon says:

    sorry nevermind…my apologies

  3. I remember seeing Jeff Jones’s art in an issue of Bruce Jones’s “Alien Worlds” in the early 80s and thinking how incredibly lucky Bruce was to work with such amazing artists and trying to seek out all the work I could find by Jeff Jones, Scott Hampton, Ken Steacy…so many others.

    I don’t think I’ve actually seen much Jeff Jones work, but knowing Jones had a series in Heavy Metal, I’ve got something to look forward to now.

    Rest in peace and know you will be remembered by your fans, friends and loved ones.

  1. May 20, 2011

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