Jonah Hex Trailer Debuts on the Web

Marc Alan Fishman

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8 Responses

  1. Brandon Barrows says:

    Megan Fox sucks. She's a mediocre actress, at best and frankly, I'm sick of seeing her everywhere. I know everybody likes eye candy, but there are better actresses just as pretty who could play most of the parts she's cast in.I will see this movie, though. Not overly familiar with Jonah Hex, but the character seems interesting.

  2. Pedro Castro says:

    Man. This movie looks lame. They should have just animated it like that episode of Batman The Animated Series.

  3. Anthony Green says:

    Megan Fox is from the school of "No method, no moment before." for acting. She seems to have very little understanding of her characters, and thus plays everything the exact same. In characters that she cannot research, she doesn't make an attempt to even create any type of history from the script, and your left with this awkward and horrible performance…which is a shame, because if she could act, she would be amazing. This movie reminded me of Constantine, which I actually enjoyed…but like Constantine, I will see this one on DVD.

  4. Russ Rogers says:

    Megan Fox seemed no better or worse than any of the other actors in this trailer. That's no great compliment to her acting, but her lack of acting chops is not a deal breaker for me. I do think "Jonah Hex" looks like it swirled down a steam-punk special effects toilet. The same toilet that sucked down so hard on Wild, Wild West and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.Anybody who has read good issues of Jonah Hex know that the character is more like the nameless man in "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." He's more of a spaghetti western cowboy than this cross between the Ghost Whisperer and Mission Impossible meets the Super-Sci Fi Corral.I will probably wait for this to get to DVD before it becomes my "eh, maybe if there's nothing better" choice in the Red Box.

  5. Alan Kistler says:

    After Hollywood finally proved that sticking closer to the comic DOES give you an entertaining film that everyone will like (Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Iron Man), why why why have we gone back to the mindset that brought us Halle Berry's Catwoman? "Hey, let's give the character powers they never had, change the backstory, and then rely on special effects to make up for a lack of story." I'm not even entirely against Jonah Hex fighting supernatural menaces. In his time, Hex has fought the supernatural and menaces from the far future. But this movie looks like it has no stable theme or story. You've got WILD WILD WEST mixed with PUSHING DAISIES and set in the old West with lame jokes.Also, Thomas Jane should've been Hex. I always liked the visual of the older comics where you could see Hex would've been a very handsome, almost pretty man if not for the scars. Plus, Jane loved the characters so much he had a make-up job done on him that, frankly, looked better than this.This trailer and the interview Brolin did on SplashPage have both turned me off to this film. Lame.

    • mike weber says:

      in the DeZuniga days, i sometimes thought the unscarred half of Hex's face put me in mind of Robert Redford.

  6. Christopher Back says:

    I might watch it on DVD or Blu-Ray, but I'll pass.

  7. Steve Chaput says:

    I must admit as a sometimes Jonah Hex fan (I read the first series and enjoyed the supernatural tinged mini-series) I had been looking forward to the film. I guess I expected a 'straight' western, possibly a bit dark. Unfortunately, the producers felt the need to 'camp' up the character, with weapons the Jonah we know would find laughable. When you look at the trailer, it appears that the director may have gone for a more classic western feel, but somebody decided to add some light touches. Jonah channeling James West perhaps.As for Megan Fox, I really could care less. I think she got the part because she does have her fans, but I think they could have had any attractive actress in the role with better results.