Chris Evans cast as Captain America

Marc Alan Fishman

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6 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    I think he will do a great job. There will be a large number of people that will bash him for what ever reason they feel necessary to express their opinion. But we have to be optimistic! After all, no matter if we think Chris Evans is right for the part of not, we all know, we will see the flick regardless. So let's put some good energy into the future of Marvel films and cheer Chris on!

  2. Delmo Walters Jr. says:

    I have no problem with Chris as Cap. I hope they dye his hair a true blonde, though.

  3. Brandon Barrows says:

    So how come he can be both Johnny Storm and Steve Rogers but Marvel wouldn't let Wesley Snipes be Blade and the Black Panther? He'd make a better BP than this dude will make a Steve Rogers.

    • Brian Sokol says:

      They also let Ryan Reynolds play Hannibal King and Deadpool. My understanding is that since those movies aren't in the new Marvel Movie-verse, they can have the same actors. Don't know about the Black Panther thing though. Weird.

      • Brandon Barrows says:

        Wesley Snipes is a big BP fan and he wrote a BP script back in the late 90s (some time before Blade), that apparently got fairly well along the whole movie making process but he took a break to do Blade, and then Marvel told him he couldn't be both Blade and Black Panther because it would confuse audiences. He was pretty upset from what I read.

  4. Sean Dorman says:

    I would have preferred Mark Valley of Human target, but oh well. Another hero movie…