Joe Sarno, Pioneer Fan and Retailer, Passes

Mike Gold

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7 Responses

  1. Linda Gold says:

    He was the sweetest man I ever met.

  2. R. Maheras says:

    A piece of me just died today.

  3. MARK WHEATLEY says:

    Oh – that's sad. I only talked to Joe a few times – but I liked him!

  4. Kevin T Brown says:

    Joe's shop was the very first comics shop I ever visited. That was back in late 1976. If not for Joe, I doubt I would have the love of comics I have today. I am very glad Ihad the oppotunity to say hello to him at last year's con. He will be missed.

  5. Chuck Fiala says:

    Yes, this is sad news. Joe was central to Chicago Fandom. He was an extremely important part of our history, as well as a great guy to talk to. It was fun going to that basement! I saw my first EC Comics there as well as the Fleischer Superman cartoons for the first time. It seemed like nobody had seen those before. Joe always placed the old comics with other media of their era. It was a fascinating time to be a comic fan in Chicago.

  6. Ron Villani says:

    Every kid has a favorite superhero. Though not a kid I also have a favorite superhero. And thatsuperhero is JOE, he must have gotten his superpowers from his love of all comics. Not only was asuperhero; he was a good friend; the kind of friend that you could speak "WALLY WOOD" to.He was a friend that could excite you about unknown world's. SUPERHERO'S live and every time Itouch a comic I'll think of JOE.

  7. Mark Braun says:

    I'm very sad to hear about Joe, who opened his house to us when we were teens and remained a great friend for many years. I followed his stores here and there, and when he was on Irving Park Road, it was nicely near us after we'd moved to Norridge. A good weekend was a movie at the Patio and a drop-in at Joe's. Later, when I had one of my first books out, it was in his window, and when I walked in pointing to it, he shouted, "Mark Braun, you old hack!" and it was a wonderful moment with a man who validated the comics addiction of so many of us.