‘Bleach: The Diamond Dust Rebellion’: The Trials of Toushiro and Why I Watch

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2 Responses

  1. Paul1963 says:

    I've found that I enjoy the movies more than the show itself, mainly because the need to tell the story in 90 minutes forces the creators to speed up the pace considerably. Sometimes characters–including Ichigo, the presumptive main character, disappear from the stage for so long that when they show up again I half-expect them to say, "Hi! Remember me?" One major character was apparently killed during the arc that wound up with episode 167 and, unless I missed something along the way, none of the other characters involved in the story has learned that yet. It's also nice to see soul reapers actually fighting hollows in the world of the living, something that doesn't happen much in the series.

    • Alexandra Honigsberg says:

      Correction: Ichigo's mom was killed when he was 9…his sisters were about 5…slip of the brain whilst writing.Paul — well…to each their own. I've enjoyed both the movies and single eps, especially since they're pretty well integrated in the world's continuity and their philosophies are marvelously consistent. Since up 'til about ep 200 I'd mainlined the series in large chunks (so the fact that almost any battle takes 2-3 eps, for instance, per person…well…I saw them within an hour of actual viewing time, in succession) and now watch the feeds weekly (just saw ep 252…more jaw-dropping revelations on certain characters they just love to torture…chuckle…more philosophical dilemmas of the ethical kind), I did not suffer the time lags that other viewers did (I'd read the manga before that, but haven't read the scanlations…just find them too disorienting to read and it's more fun for me to view the anime without the spoilers and though I find the manga engaging for various reasons and will keep reading as the English vols. come out, I find the anime moreso…the vivid colours, the music, the actual action, hearing the seiyuus' work, etc.). And I can go watch things online or on the DVDs I have any time, so I just don't have that continuity problem. I've done that with most of my anime watching and actually most of my fav TV series of any type, lest I forget things week to week. Watching in chunks allows me, as a writer, to really sink into the metaviews, too, which is great fun.In consideration of spoilers, I won't ask you to reveal what "major" character's dead without notice or comment from the others, but I really can't think of who you're talking about up to ep 167, truly. There were several Aizen machinations long before that, but they've all been revealed and cleared, so I don't have a clue what you're referring to.–Alexandra