Six Great Doctor Who Moments

Mike Gold

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13 Responses

  1. Vinnie Bartilucci says:

    I've commented endlessly on the amazing on-screen charisma of Roger Delgado. A combination of wonderful dialogue and dry, patronizing delivery (plus a stellar withering gaze) made him a magnificent villain, especially for the flamboyant Pertwee Doctor. Tony Ainley came close once or twice (His performance in The Five Doctors came closest) and Simm was a scenery-noshing joy to watch but Derek Jacobi almost stole it all away in three minutes. He was all sorts of awesome. The new series has had a lot of "hot damn" moments, mostly from a fanboy "I can't believe they remembered that" level. The Marcra showing up in Gridlock is a good example. I absolutely Splee'd when I heard that. I'd almost have to make separate lists from each era, almost each Doctor to make such a list even close to "complete". The first regenaration would almost have to be put in a hall of fame / out of competition cetegory, like you do with Citizen Kane when talking about films. perhaps I'll try and put one together later on

  2. mike weber says:

    Umm, what came immedaitely after Tennant's meeting with Davidson was "Ship of Fools" – the "Titanic" episode.Some great lines in that one:Informed that the Master has been back, Davidson: "Does he still have that rubbish beard?"Tennant (in what sounds like his own fanboy moment): "You were my Doctor."(Which reminds me that Sandy Duncan was once informed that Mary Martin was in the audience while Duncan was playing the lead in "Peter Pan". After the show, Martin came to her dressing room, and said "I meet people everywhere I go who tell me that their image of Peter Pan is me. but I never had an actual image of Peter till tonight. You are my Peter Pan.")

    • Michael D. says:

      Umm, what came immediately after Tennant's meeting with Davidson was "Voyage of the Damned" – the "Titanic" episode.

      • mike weber says:

        Arrrgh. Don't know why i typed that.But it's always that way – point out a tpoy in someone else's post, and make a topy in your own.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have a tape of The Curse of Fatal Death but have never seen your #2 moment. Is that on the DVD set for either season 3 or 4? If not, any idea where it's available. Okay, now that I type that I realize I should try YouTube.

  4. Michael D. says:

    Umm, what came immediately after Tennant's meeting with Davison was "Voyage of the Damned" – the "Titanic" episode.

  5. mike weber says:

    You are correct – don't know why i typed that. Arrrgh

  6. mike weber says:

    Something weird is happening with posting.

  7. Beccity98 says:

    #5-The Doctor came across the mirror in Rose's apartment/house. Right before he is attacked by a plastic arm.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Good moments, although mid-way it developed into Great Personalities and then tried to get back again – and what has the TARDIS to do w/ Eccleston's one? The Doctor was in Rose's flat then.J. Celliers

  9. Lee Houston, Junior says:

    There are too many monumental moments within the history of the show to list them all, but for me (chronology):1. The First RegenerationFrom William Hartnell to Patrick Troughton between the end of "The Tenth Planet" and the start of "The Power of the Daleks". If you weren't already a fan of the show and realized there was something unique going on before now, this was a major clue.2. "The Three Doctors"Filmed for the tenth anniversary of the show, the first (officially recorded/canonical) account of the Doctor ever meeting himself.3. The concluding moments of "The Warrior's Gate".Traveling companions have come and gone, and although it might have just been Tom Baker's (at the time) real life feelings for actress Lalla Ward (Romanna) slipping through, the first indication (to me) that the Doctor was growing lonely.4. The 1996 Doctor Who TV movie.Granted, some of the great moments were already noted by Mike Gold above, but this is also where Doctor Who fandom was acknowledged by another source (Fox) and the parting between the eighth Doctor and Holloway adds a depth of emotion to everybody's favorite Time Lord.5. The Time WarAlthough unfilmed with no account of whatever happened officially recognized as canon yet, the point where everthing changes and practically all we knew is thrown out the window.6. "Rose"For not only the reasons Mike Gold stated above, but also for the start of the revival.7. "School Reunion"The Doctor has encountered people/events of his past before, but never quite like this as Elisabeth Sladen reprises Sarah Jane Smith for the first time since "The Five Doctors" 20th anniversary special.8. "Utopia", "The Sound of Drums", "Last of the Time Lords"The Doctor thought he was the last until the Master's return. But considering events here and the rumors surrounding David Tennant's upcoming finale as The Doctor, is this true?9. "Silence In The Library", "Forest of the Dead"Professor Riversong!10. And of course, the one question that has been raised by the revival and not answered yet: Is a Time Lord (or at least the Doctor) still limited in the number of regenerations they possess?

  10. Vinnie Bartilucci says:

    >>>Is a Time Lord (or at least the Doctor) still limited in the number of regenerations they possess?RTD has said that there's no solution in place, but is wholly comfident that when the need arises, one will be found/created.

    • Lee Houston, Junior says:

      Of course, when a limit was first set back as part of the Master's overall storyline, I'm sure no one ever foresaw actually getting any where near it. But although we are approaching our eleventh Doctor, it will only be his tenth regeneration. So there is still time to contemplate the situation.And for those not in the know, the limit was originally quoted as 12, a quantity which the Master used up long ago. But hopefully the Doctor will find a more positive and peaceful solution than his arch foe's when the need arises.