#SDCC: ‘The Prisoner’: Do You Want … Information?

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2 Responses

  1. Steve Chaput says:

    Sadly, as was often the case, I couldn't get into the panel. I did watch the trailer looped at the AMC booth several times, got a copy of the promotional comic (presenting only a few pages of the adaptation with possible spoilers) and naturally, posed for one of THE VILLAGE I.D. cards. (I'm 117-2)I'm not saying that Jim Cavalziel is lying, but when somebody says they are unfamiliar with a previous version of some film or TV show I don't know that I completely trust them at their word. If you are offered a part in something which has a cult-like following, wouldn't you be interested enough to at least take a peek? I mean, especially the lead?I am looking forward to the show, nonetheless.

    • mike weber says:

      When i made myself a penny-farthing number badge, many years ago, i put the square root of pi on it – an irrational radical.