Frank McCourt, Mentor to Generations of NY Geeks, Dead at 78

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6 Responses

  1. Steve Chaput says:

    My mother absolutely loved ANGELA'S ASHES and the follow-up 'TIS. When I was living in New York, I would occasionally hear Frank being interviewed on the local NPR station or on WBAI (the Pacifica affiliate, where his brother, Malachy had a regular program). A fascinating man and I can only imagine how amazing he must have been to have as an instructor.

    • Kim Kindya says:

      I took my mother to see the film "Angela's Ashes." She enjoyed it very much.

  2. Theresa says:

    Surely more than just two generations of geeks.

  3. Jarrod Buttery says:

    All I know of Angela's Ashes is Elliot DiMauro's six-line summation: "We're starving! Dad's drunk! We're starving!" But this was a great article. I had no idea of Mr McCourt's background. You've made me want to find out more. Thank you.

  4. Matthew Tripp says:

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  5. Anonymous says:

    You are so lucky to have known him. I read Angela's Ashes when I was 13, fell in love with it, and then I find he had died. my new favourite author had died. I sucked, but he was I'm sure an incredible storyteller. And to this day, though I never met him he is the most honest writer I have ever had the pleasure to read