Upfronts Day Two: NBC and Some Guy Named “Leno”

Mike Gold

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5 Responses

  1. Tony Isabella says:

    You forgot to mention that Jay Leno will be playing a judge on several episodes of Law and Order and Law and Order SVU, Liz Lemon's uncle on 30 Rock, the head of the CIA on Chuck, and a resident on the new version of ER being prepared for next fall. NBC will also be changing its name to JayBC.

  2. Mike Gold says:

    I hear he'll also be taking over from Jeff Goldblum on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. And he's taking Freema Agyeman's part on Law & Order: UK. Sadly, this means he had to turn down the lead in the next Daredevil movie.

  3. Amy Goldschlager says:

    I'm just happy they're bringing back Chuck. Or least I will be happy until the whole "Chuck Knows Kung Fu" thing gets old. More Scott Bakula!

  4. Vinnie Bartilucci says:

    Two hours of Biggest Loser.TWO hours of Biggest Loser.Two HOURS of Biggest Loser.ecch.I have this sneaking suspicion that NBC will live to regret the Leno move. The moves of other shows to accomadate it, the all but free reign the other networks will have to compete against them with other shows, not to mention the fact that it keeps Conan and Fallon in a subjective #2 and #3 position…it's just a facepalm of astounding magnitude.

  5. Jeremiah Avery says:

    I have no problem with Jay Leno having a 10pm show, may be fun. I'm certainly not watching "The Tonight Show" anymore when he leaves. Though NBC isn't having the show on to be a competitor, mainly as a cost-cutting maneuver. Plus, they didn't want Jay to jump ship to another network (which is what I think he should have done)."Law & Order" on Fridays, that seems like a bad timeslot. I remember one of the spin-offs had that slot and it didn't go so well. Sort of a weird dichotomy to have a "family-friendly" show like "Parenthood" be the lead-in for "SVU". Parents better make sure to put the kids to bed before it starts up!