‘Fallen Angel’ crosses over with Illyria from ‘Angel’

Glenn Hauman

Glenn is VP of Production at ComicMix. He has written Star Trek and X-Men stories and worked for DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, Random House, arrogant/MGMS and Apple Comics. He's also what happens when a Young Turk of publishing gets old.

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5 Responses

  1. Peter David says:

    No puns, actually. "Fallen Angel" isn't really big on pun humor.PAD

    • Glenn Hauman says:

      Yeah, but I've known you for a loooong time. Wordplay always seem to find its way in somewhere.

    • Sean D. Martin says:

      "Peter mentioned that the series is going to be an excellent point for new readers to try out the series, as he suspects there will be a lot of readers who will be introduced to the world of the Fallen Angel for the first time."I trust you are aware there are also Fallen Angel readers who are completely unfamiliar with Angel and hope that is taken into account when introducing this "new" character.

      • Peter David says:

        Absolutely. I take the time in the first issue to give Illyria's backstory. In fact, one of the art pages is actually set in the heretofore unseen time when Illyria was a huge tentacled conquering demon. Think of the first few minutes of "Lord of the Rings" and you'll get the idea.PAD

        • Sean D. Martin says:

          Didn't really doubt you would. You've shown considerable respect for your readers in the past. But nice to be reassured. Thanks.