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Glenn Hauman

Glenn is VP of Production at ComicMix. He has written Star Trek and X-Men stories and worked for DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, Random House, arrogant/MGMS and Apple Comics. He's also what happens when a Young Turk of publishing gets old.

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23 Responses

  1. Critical Thinker says:

    awsome? I find it frightening. He's an elected government official, not a god. There are a lot of people in the U.S. who's expectations are way too high, and they will be sorely disappointed if they think President-elect Obama is going to keep each and every campaign promise.

    • Russ Rogers says:

      What is this fuss about? We are talking about a Captain Action comic book cover, not an attempt to make Obama a Saint or a God. Stephen Colbert was recently featured in Marvel Comics too! Where was your outrage at that? I don't even see this cover as saying Obama is a Hero like Captain Action. And let's face it, that's praise that would confuse anyone but the most die-hard, fan-boy geeks like us! Most people will say, "Who the heck is Captain Action?" I really don't think the cover is meant to imply that Barack Obama is secretly Captain Action! This cover seems to imply that Captain Action might have to impersonate the President for a mission. Big deal. Or maybe the cover is just a bit of flag waving, only saying, "Captain Action and President Obama are both proud Americans!" Again, big deal.Next week we are going to inaugurate a man who is living proof that "Anyone CAN become President, despite their ethnic background or foreign sounding name." That is a big deal. That's part of the American Myth, the American Dream! We will swear in our first Black President! That's historic! It certainly changed my world view. Call me cynical or racist, but I didn't think a Black man would be President in my lifetime. (Morgan Freeman in "Deep Impact" just doesn't count.)Maybe just over half of the voters gave him their vote. But Obama currently has approval ratings of over 70%! Compare those with W. Bush, who is leaving office with the lowest approval ratings of any President ever. The Nation is giddy and it has a RIGHT to be giddy!Obama isn't Captain Action. He isn't a hero … yet. Obama didn't come from Krypton and he doesn't have super-natural powers. But he is a very smart man and a very charismatic speaker. And he has a gift for spreading hope. And in these economic times, hope may be what the financial markets need most. What frees up capital in bad times? The HOPE that there are better times ahead. Maybe HOPE is what Our Country and the world need just a little bit more of right now. OBAMA IS OUR PRESIDENT-ELECT! Not just the President of the people who voted for him, but for the people who voted against him and all the people who did not or could not vote. We ALL get to celebrate.So let the Nation be giddy for this short, historic moment. Let Montel Williams try to sell us crappy commemorative coins or plates or goofy commemorative Captain Action Comic Book Covers. For now, this is a time of celebration! This is OUR time of celebration, every American and everybody in the world who believes in the HOPE of the American Dream! It's time for the nay sayers to sit down and be quiet if they can't stand up and cheer. It's time to give their negative attitudes a rest, at least until February 1st. And let the rest of us have our historic moment of FUN, JOY and HOPE … or risk being seen as un-patriotic party poopers.

  2. Ian says:

    That's the stupidest thing I have ever seen…

  3. Ian says:

    Furthermore the man hasen't even done anything yet except TALK!! How could anyone with a straight face compare him in the same breath as Supes and Cap?! You liberals need to get a grip. He's a human. HUMAN. No better than the rest of us. When he single handly stops facist armies and giant mutated monsters then maybe you can put a cape on him. As long as he keeps promising to spend us to oblivion, pits rich against poor and believes he's the reincarnation of FDR (which, is not much of a compliment) Im going to see him for what he is…another silver tongued politician whose got 1/2 of America fooled.

  4. MuscleDaddy says:

    BLEEEAAAARRRRGGHHHH!!!(whoa – sorry about the shoes, man) – MuscleDaddy

  5. Eric Porvaznik says:

    Captain Action, eh? Pretty impressive for a legislator with a habit for voting “present.”

  6. Ian says:

    Russ-You sound like a reasonable man and you make what sounds like good points.The comic is a non issue. The very fact that so many Americans (70% as you claim) hang on his every hollow word is.A President is nothing more than a citizen elected by the rest of the citizens to represent our interests across the world and here at home. He is not royalty, a messiah or a superhero. Im willing to believe the comic reference was innocent but I need more proof than an opinion. Im glad some of you are going to experience, "FUN, JOY and HOPE" but in the real world we have real problems that im not convinced "a very smart man and a very charismatic speaker" is enough.Yeah I have no idea who Captain Action is but it was sort of the straw that broke the camels back. Just the other day I saw 2 separate commercials depicting B Hussein O on 2 different coins. One of them had the audacity to put O IN FRONT of the portrait of Washington.Where does it end? He may have a high approval rating but really "WHY"? he hasn't done anything BUT talk! Even his senate career was undistinguished. Please tell me, besides the fact he's black (hate to point out that he's also half white) why I should be so excited to watch my country become the United Socialists of America? Why does that excite you? Are you so desperate to be part of history that you are willing to change our country forever? On what basis can I hang my hopes on this man?Finally your comment, "It's time for the nay sayers to sit down and be quiet if they can't stand up and cheer. It's time to give their negative attitudes a rest, at least until February 1st. And let the rest of us have our historic moment of FUN, JOY and HOPE … or risk being seen as un-patriotic party poopers.", sounds like a typical Progressive tactic to shut down debate and force their will on everyone else. How very patriotic.I will risk being seen as that" un-patriotic party pooper." since you and B Hussein O and the rest have insisted on gambling on my childrens future for Idealism.

    • Russ Rogers says:

      George W. Bush had an undistinguished academic career. Barack Obama was the President of the Harvard Law Review. I would call that distinguished, executive experience. Far more prestigious than say being the mayor of a town of less than 10,000 people. You don't get that by being black. You get that by being brilliant and dedicated. By the way, John McCain was at the very bottom of his Naval Academy Class.George W. Bush plunged this country into the largest deficit spending and debt in history. He did this with Corporate Welfare, tax cuts for the wealthiest and deceased Americans (the very people who could benefit from Tax Cuts the least and yet profit by them the most.) It wasn't Obama who pitted rich against poor or has displayed gross fiscal irresponsibility. It was Bush and the Republicans. Don't blame Obama for spending us into oblivion when that is EXACTLY what Bush has been guilty of! Obama's not even in office yet.It was Bush who ignored the warning signs before 9-11. It was Bush who stayed in a first grade classroom, reading "My Pet Goat" for another 10 minutes after he was informed our nation was under attack. That is the kind of leadership we've had. It was Bush who spent more time on Vacation than ANY President in History. He was on Vacation at his Texas Ranch in the days after Katrina. His staff had to put together a DVD of News Reports for him, because he was too lazy to turn on a TV himself! It was Bush who lied us into a needless war (Iraq), costing us hundreds of billions (maybe trillions) of dollars and thousands of lives. It was Bush who ignored the signs of financial collapse and relied on a free market to regulate itself. It was Bush who put in place the largest Social Program since Social Security (in the Medicare Drug Benefit) without any attempt at trying to reign in the costs of health care. This was just another big giveaway to the Pharmaceutical Industry and Big Business!Bush has looked for legal loopholes to justify rendition and torture, staining the honor of every American who has ever fought or died for the concepts of Liberty and Justice. Bush commuted the sentence of the Scooter Libby, found guilty of a near treasonous act in the name of petty politics. That is the kind of real commitment Bush had toward national security. All talk, no substance. Bush is a sham and a fraud. Grossly incompetent at best, criminally culpable at worst.Bush and his policies have pushed this country to near bankruptcy both financially and morally. We are now a nation of torturers! We hold people without charge. We wire tap our own citizens without warrant. And how are the housing, manufacturing, job, credit or stock markets? What are the National Dept and Budget Deficits like? This was under 8 years of Bush with 6 years of a Republican Majority in Congress. Don't tell me they didn't have the power to make a change for the better. They just didn't have the courage or vision for it.Bush is an idiot. He referred to Helicopter Pilots as "Chopter Drivers" repeatedly in his press conference yesterday. I cringed once again at his unabashed ignorance and stupidity.The Bush Presidency has been an a failure and embarrassment on so many levels. Obama hasn't done much yet. But he still looks great in comparison to Bush. I didn't ask to shut down debate, Ian. I asked for you to defer your bigotry and cynicism for a a few days. Only until February 1st. That's what, two and a half weeks. And yes, referring to the President Elect as "B Hussein O" seems unpatriotic, juvenile and bit bigoted to me. That kind of rhetoric is worthy of gutter snipes like Ann Coulter.Idealism isn't a gamble. Idealism is the very foundation of our country. It's the cynics who thought that we couldn't afford the idealism of being a country that stands for Freedom and against Tyranny and torture. We supposedly needed the false sense of security that could only be provided by torturing people. The fact is, our torturing of prisoners at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo has done more to recruit terrorists than the information gained from that torture will ever do to fight them! So yes, I hope and pray that Barack Hussein Obama is a bit more idealistic and a tiny bit smarter than that morally bankrupt, pathetic example of leadership.

    • Glenn Hauman says:

      Ian, your arguments might get more traction if you didn't put such odd emphasis on President-elect Obama's middle name. Engaging in such language construction– first initial, middle name, last initial– just comes across as weird and forced.After all, do you refer to the former lead singer of Van Halen as D Lee R, to draw attention to his Confederate roots? Or the actor who played Dr. Horrible as N Patrick H?

      • Ian says:

        Glenn, It is his middle name…However I did it purely to get a reaction. And it worked.

        • Patrick Calloway says:

          Yes, it has. And if the reaction you were going for was to totally ignore anything you say, then your strategem has worked quite well indeed.

          • Ian says:

            Well you are the third whiner to make a comment about it. If thats all it takes to make you liberals fold then thats sad.

          • Glenn Hauman says:

            IAdolfN (that is what the A stands for, right?) what it's proving is that you clearly are having trouble maintaining a civilized conversation. Drop it down a notch, and you'll find that the regulars here will be more than happy to engage in pleasant tones.Consider this a civilized caution, Ian.

          • Ian says:

            Well, Im a reasonable guy I suppose I can make a concession I made 12 hrs ago. Your wordplay with my name is good. I've never had anyone do that before. Im still baffled to why it is such a problem. Are you a moderator Glenn? Just curious.Really I was only talking to one individual anyway and he let it go.I really in truth don't despise dems. Or liberals for that matter. I have a fundamental disagreement with socialists.Unfortunately, the liberals in this country have largely forgotten what liberty is.So I prefer to call them Progressives. American liberals have an respectable lineage. Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin Dick Morris, Christopher Hitchens.The thing is, liberalism has been co-opted by serious radical leftist elements. Slowly since the 19th century with Karl Marx, Woodrow Wilson, the Progressive Era, Mother Jones, FDR, Johnson Carter are all charlatans to the liberal cause. To save face the Democrats have basically just said "yeah we meant to do that!" when its pointed out to them.Im a little upset and not just a little worried when other peoples "social experiments" can and do impact my life. Im done with "experts" informing me that Im living my life wrong or saying or spelling someones name in a silly way. Calling a conservative a Nazi is socially acceptable but god forbid we use someones middle name. (Incidentally fascism is a ideology of the left.)Im just disturbed that all this moral relativism is becoming institutionalized. Political correctness is not about fairness, its about controlling the dialogue. So I will respect the wishes of the "regulars" here. I am a guest after all. But thanks for proving my point guys!

          • Russ Rogers says:

            Ian, Glenn isn't a moderator, he's an owner. In the year or so that I've been hanging around ComicMix, I can honestly say that I've rarely, maybe never seen anyone get "moderated." There just hasn't been a need.I've become notorious as neurotic poster here. I'm one of a growing number of folks who regularly post comments. I probably average several comments a day. Some folks like me. Some folks think I'm a dweeb and a pain in the ass. But I've never been "moderated" because I keep my tone civil. I honestly can't remember the last time I've seen a poster or posting get "moderated." It's just not that kind of site.Here is my problem with the "B Hussein O" rhetoric, it stinks of Ann Coulter. She refers to Obama in a similar way in her newest book. And I find her offensive. I think she makes a living off of being outrageous, offensive and sometimes crude. She's skinny and has long hair and wears short black dresses. She looks good on camera and always says something boorish to get the TV Anchor/Interviewer riled up. For some reason this is seen as good TV and she keeps getting invited back onto programs. If anyone has bamboozled the public and is playing the media, it's Coulter. And she sells books and columns. Fewer and fewer as the years go by, but she still sells. I find her devoid of charm, painfully predictable and regularly offensive. It's a style of public rhetoric, discourse and debate (the Limbaugh Style) that I find increasingly worn out, tired and for lack of outrage, just dull.You seem to be parroting Coulter and her argument that, "Well, Hussein is his middle name! I'm just poking fun. Wouldn't you make fun of a Politician if his name was Herbert 'Hitler' Hoover?" Here's the problem with that. "Hussein" is a far more common name than "Hitler." In some ethnic and religious groups, it's like "Jones" or "Smith." I don't have statistics, but it's probably even more common than that. It's common to the point of blandness. So if you pick on THAT name, you tend to insult and demonize the WHOLE group. It comes across as ignorant, bigoted and just a bit racist. There are a lot of fine people in this world with Hussein in their name. Barack Hussein Obama is one of them. There should be NO stigma attached to a name as common as Hussein. By parroting Coulter, Ian, you come across as the same kind of hack, interested in committing the same kind of hack jobs.Ian, welcome to ComicMix. My guess is you won't be around long. You came to this article not because you have any knowledge or interest in Captain Action or comics, but because you were trolling for articles about Barack Hussein Obama. You wanted a place where you can spout your paranoia that Obama is some kind of secret socialist with an agenda to transform America into a Marxist state. You've said that the media didn't dig into Barack Obama. I've seen his Birth Certificate and records from the school where he went to KINDERGARDEN! His former Pastor was put under the media microscope. People he sat on boards with years earlier (the most coincidental of relationships) were elevated to Svengali/Boogyman status. It was ludicrous. I have never seen any political candidate get that level of scrutiny. The media were not in Obama's corner.I'm tired of defending Obama here. I'm tired of attacking Bush. And if I'M bored with this thread, probably nobody but Ian, me and Glenn are reading it this far.Here's the deal, Ian. If you love comics, this is THE place to be. You are in the heart of what my frieind Jackie Kashian calls "The Dork Forest!" People will argue and discuss up, down and sideways the minutiae of Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica, The Spirit or Captain Action. It's goofy fun. Plus, and this gets overlooked, there are some of the best comics you could ever want to read here. And they are FREE! I would highly recommend you start with Jon Sable Freelance: Ashes of Eden. If you've never read Jon Sable, well, he's cooler than James Bond, the women are sexier and he shoots more bad guys in the head. It's smart, violent and amazingly well drawn by Comics Legend Mike Grell. Trust me, Ian, I think it's your kind of fun. Sable is your kind of hero. And you in particular should enjoy the colors on that book. The colorist did an AMAZING job!

          • Ian says:

            Fair enough Glenn…I know Miss Coulter uses that term. I just finished her book and its unfortunate maybe that she turns some people off (including conservatives) because her books are actually very insightful. But the fact of the matter from this side of the fence, conservatives of any stripe are fair game for any media hack yet when its turn back on them by the likes of Ann or Rush, its hate speech. Maybe you take no part in it but maybe you can understand the defensiveness. Im all about a dialogue between committed Americans. So I apologize for coming of as a "hack".I also don't need to attack Obama here anymore. And Im not going to defend Bush. So we are going to have to agree to disagree about the direction of the country. I knew from the beginning that I wasn't going to change your mind but I said what I wanted to say. Incidentally none of it was meant to be personal. I hope it didn't come off as such.I wasn't trolling for Obama stuff. I came here from a link from another site that was pointing out that silly comic. I had to make a comment but never intended to become a pain. Im just good at it.I do love comics by the way. I stopped collecting them in the late 90s because its an expensive hobby so Im not up to speed on new cannon but from what Ive heard Im not missing much. However Im the biggest dork I know. So is my wife…My house is decorated in comic chic, I watch cartoons constantly and I love my XBOX. See even conservative fellows can be an outcast. Im not the usual conservative though. I might come off as it but Im an atheistic, open minded, well read,Punk Rock lovin, history buff. Im not bigoted, shelter or uptight I just like to ruffle feathers, just like Miss Coulter. Im frustrated though by the creeping socialism in this country and peoples seeming complacency with it. I want to cry. George Bush has done more since LBJ to further advance this and my worry is not that Obama with his track record will suck us further down the sinkhole.And despite how I got started here, I really do want to have a dialogue with other Americans about this. Somebody make me feel better about this! You know what I mean. I know you don't share my convictions but Im sure you can understand the frustration (i.e. Gitmo)Thats all. When you guys are celebrating the rest of us will be running for cover. It has NOTHING to do with race. I don't care that he's black. Its purely political. Anyway I said I was gonna lay off so this is me laying off.Later!

  7. Ian says:

    Russ-Using GW or the Republicans as your big stick to beat me with is useless. I agree with your total assessment of his presidency. I never voted for the man. Proving my point over and over in your letter that B HUSSEIN O is an empty suit who is skilled at influencing the easily influenced.Not to defend him, but GW was an executive at an energy corp and a governor of Texas. That is actually more executive experience than President of Harvard's anything. And just in case you missed this too, Palin was a mayor, business owner AND a governer.But I digress because I don't need to defend any of your Republican boogeymen. Your man is a smart man. He's smart enough to know how to tell people exactly what they want to hear. That probably made him one hell of a lawyer.Im not sure how referring to copter drivers is anything relevant but unlike yourself, Im not attack BO personally. Im sure he's a real neat guy but his policies are informed by philosophies that have no place in this country. I know, liberals have pressed for this dream that we be like Europe for decades but there are those of us who are devastated by this perversion. Also, if its not such a big deal that he's black(which he's not) what makes this so historic? At the risk at sounding, in your judgemental opinion, bigoted, why, is it ok for him to identify himself with one race or another. He's an equal mix. THATS America. Why can't he be proud of that? I don't care if he was a gay, black, fat midget with a limp…Im tired of hearing about the differences…we are all Americans. Not AfricanAmerican, not chineseAmerican, but American! As long as the Progressives pit us against each other based on race, sex, religion and income we will never see that day come. Im not sure how GW pitted the rich against the poor except that when there are no handouts, people start playing the victim. Because of decades old welfare policies, started by Democrats and Progressives, the real American morals, the ones the Founders, you claim to know started this country for, are being eroded. Personal responsibility, a working knowledge of natural law, the rule of law, economic independence, and freedom from government intrusion. And when you elect an individual, no matter how smart or well spoken, who has said nothing except that he wants to grow the government, its just going to get worse.Our Founders said nothing of a guarantee of happiness. They said we had a right to PURSUE happiness. Now everyone can't wait to elect the next big spending, weak spined blowhard. Democrats and Republicans both! Thats unsustainable. We are drowning and you want me to get excited about a ex professor senator who's record includes 4 yrs in the senate 2 of which he spent running for President?Incidentally, whats the significance of Feb 1st? Is he going to become a Constitution respecting capitalist? Thats about what it would take. I don't hate the man. I don't know him. I am afraid for my childrens' futures and now I feel as if we've just gone from bad to worse.Lastly you mentioned a couple of times that he hasn't done anything yet and that he isn't in office but that was my point. It baffles me why he would have such a high approval rating and also that he is already trying to spend obscene amounts of our money.Look, I can't fault anyone for voting their conscience however I really think that liberals and democrats need to get a grip. My entire point that creating a superhero that turns INTO BO is really really spooky.

    • Russ Rogers says:

      Ian, the Energy Company that GW ran went bankrupt. It was an oil company that couldn't find any oil in Texas. You had asked, what skills or qualifications Obama has that make him special, I offered up his academic record which is stellar. Barack Obama is a skilled politician, if you want to equate that with being someone who can bamboozle the easily influenced, I think that says more about your cynicism in the Democratic process than it does about the man himself. Obama led the largest, best funded, campaign for the Presidency this nation has ever seen. It involved more volunteers and more small contributions from Average Joes (like you and me) than any campaign ever. Again, if you think getting more people involved is a sign of perversion or corruption, I just don't get that. I say that is real Democracy in action. It's a testament to Obama's Executive skill that he could run such a juggernaut of a campaign so smoothly and effectively. What dissension did you hear coming out of the Obama camp? What were his rhetorical gaffs? It wasn't Obama who made the statement that our "Economy is fundamentally sound," just days before major Economic Crisis. It wasn't Obama who couldn't remember the number of houses he owned.I didn't say that it's not a big deal that Obama is black. He is Black. In this culture, half black is black. I didn't make the rules. I don't think they are fair or wise. I'm just stating what is a cultural fact. And you can't deny racism just because you don't think it should exist. It's there. He's black. We should deal with that, because Obama has dealt with that all his life. So yes, Obama is black and it's a VERY big deal. Our nation is about to have it's first Black President.I did say that Obama's Race wasn't the foundation for his achievements or his election. The American Voter didn't select Obama out of some kind of mass affirmative action program. Obama was elected because he was the best politician, running the best campaign. His ideas, rhetoric and personality were stronger than his opponents. It's that simple. I don't see how Obama's election or his actions as President Elect have made you characterize his policies as a "perversion." What ideas are SO antithetical to the USA? That he doesn't believe in torture? That he would like to see a more progressive tax system? That he has selected his political rivals to be part of his cabinet? I don't see anything as perverse as Dick Cheney's claim that the Vice-President is in neither the Executive or Legislative Branches of government, because he works for the President and yet presides over the Senate. THAT was a perversion.Barack Obama has said he wants to dismantle the prisons in Guantanamo. That's not growing government. That removing a blot, a stain, a cancer. That's shrinking government in a very profound way that the government should never have grown in the first place.Look to where GW gave his HANDOUTS! I'll bet you AIG got more in the last few months than all the social programs you choose to scapegoat for our social ills. Bush has shoveled billions away to Military Contractors with no-bid contracts in a needless war we were lied into. Where is your moral outrage at that waste?Where was "the rule of law" when we were water-boarding prisoners? The USA tried, convicted and sentenced to DEATH Japanese Military Officers for water-boarding during WWII! What we have done is evil. You're worried about Government Intrusion? Are you worried about warrentless wire taps? My choosing February 1st as the date to defer your cynicism was totally arbitrary. I just figured there should be 10 days or so from the time of his inauguration as a "honeymoon" period.I don't know how the concept of "natural law" got into this? Are you worried about vegetarianism or homosexuality? I don't know how Obama has perverted natural law. He smokes, but he's not proud of it. It's a nasty habit, but I don't know if I would call it a perversion. Torture is a perversion of natural law, the rule of law, personal responsibility and a concrete example of government intrusion and the withering of freedom. I'm so ashamed that our President signed off on and approved the use of torture, it makes me physically nauseated.I've heard Obama speak time and again about personal responsibility, patriotic sacrifice and the role of the religion and the Church in building our nation. I really don't see the perversion in that. He's not trying to establish a State Religion. I just think he's willing to admit that religion and the Church are a powerful force within our nation.I really don't see how Obama's ideas are nearly as radical or unconstitutional as Bush's have been for the last eight years.

      • Ian says:

        Again Russ you keep bring up Bush and his cronies and policies. I had nothing to do with that and as far as Im concerned Bush has more to answer for then any other Pres in recent memory. His "compassionate conservatism" is nothing more than right wing Progressivism. Trust me the one thing we can agree on is…Bush Sucks!However, you are debating points only Republicans can answer for. I am not a Republican.I understand Bush's company went belly up, but somehow you are telling me that his experience is less relevant than BO. Originally you mentioned his academic career. I was just stating his relevant qualifications. I know BO is an educated man with exceptional speaking skills. I get that. What I don't get is how THAT makes him qualified to the highest office on the planet. His actual public service record is thin at best. His campaign was huge and much better run than his opponents. I get that too. Running a campaign is also not the same as running a country. It was far from gaff free though. "I don't want to punish them with a baby." , the gun clinging comment, Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, Bill Aires, lipstick on the pig….these things are at the very least an equivalent to saying the economy is sound. By the way OB's buddy Barney Frank TESTIFIED to Congress 6 mnths earlier that there was nothing wrong with Fannie Mae. But nobody hears about that and he still keeps getting elected.I don't see OBs election as a comment on our system. When you have 95% of the media in your corner its easy to mislead people. I don't blame the average person. Why should they think that professional journalists are anything but PROFESSIONAL. OB got away with everything without so much as a challenge. They spent more time investigating a private citizen (the infamous Joe the Plumber) then OB. Whatever thin explanation he gave was accepted without question. Don't even get me started on Biden.No you didn't say being black was a big deal but you said it wasn't because he was president of so and so. He and his fans have made a big deal of it. Thats the qualification for this being historical right? Either its a big deal or it isn't. Im tired of peopl telling me what I should or shouldn't care about. The only people I see pointing it out are the dems.We are constantly being told that nevermind this guys mealiemouthed liberalism, isn't it great that he's black?I know several people who voted for him just on that basis alone. Its the ultimate affirmative action. The mantra was "ITS HISTORY!" Everyone loves making it but noone wants to learn from it. Blah.OB is dismantling Gitmo to please bleeding hearts like you. Who would afford more protection to terrorists than our own soldiers. I didn't agree with going into Iraq. I still think it was the worst thing we could have done. But these men are not part of an official army and they are afforded no protection under our Constitution. As for the Geneva convention, that applied to official armies. Anyway though, hes closing down to appease you while he breaks everyother campaign promise. The growing part will come from the long list of agencies he wants to implement. Green Corps and such. His first act will be to steal a trillion dollars to save unions.To be clear, ours is not a democracy. Our Founders were very skeptical of democracies because they were too open to tyranny of the majority. Im sure you can appreciate that. Instead they formed a democratic republic. Our representatives most important job was to protect our liberty enshrined in the Constitution . By my count they haven't done the best job at that and I don't see anything more with BO.So you see being a smart, capable, well spoken black man is not what I believe is in the best interest of this country. Especial one who by his own account is well versed in many socialist and radical ideologies. These are the things that don't belong in our country. They antithetical to our Republic and the idea of the individual first.Im not sure you know what Natural Law implies but it hasn't got anything to do with smoking, vegans or gays. It would take me too long to detail it here but it is the idea that freedom is the natural state of man and being ruled by a king or proletariat is unnatural. Its like caging an animal. It deserves its freedom. It has a right to it. So do we. Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" and "The Rights of Man" are way better at arguing this point then I am.The bottom line is I feel that anytime some far off government official tells me he can make my life better I know better. No Pres, senator or Harvard grad can do that. Only I can. However that doesn't stop your man from telling me we have to "spread it around", or be patriotic and pony up with more of my property. Love can smother as well.

        • Russ Rogers says:

          Ian, you say, "My house is decorated in comic chic, I watch cartoons constantly and I love my XBOX. See even conservative fellows can be an outcast. " I've enjoyed our discussion. And if you love cartoons and XBOX and would enjoy FREE comics, this is definitely your site too. Welcome. Seriously, you will LOVE Jon Sable Freelance: Ashes of Eden. You won't be disappointed.

  8. Ian says:

    So thats a DIY comic? Thats rad. I can appreciate that.

  9. Ed Catto says:

    Captain Action #5 hits stores Wedenesday, August 26th!Keep an eye out for it. <a href="” target=”_blank”>