‘Jonah Hex’ movie gets a new director

Glenn Hauman

Glenn is VP of Production at ComicMix. He has written Star Trek and X-Men stories and worked for DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, Random House, arrogant/MGMS and Apple Comics. He's also what happens when a Young Turk of publishing gets old.

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20 Responses

  1. mike weber says:

    But are they still going witrh that "Sixgun Mojho" crap?

    • Glenn Hauman says:

      Would you rather they go with "Mad Max gunfighter" instead?

    • russ carreiro says:

      "Sixgun mojo" was the best thing ever happened to Jonah. If they want a great movie they ought to hire Lansdale to write the script and hire Truman to do concept artwork and storyboards. Tim and Joe own Hex, with all due respect to Dezuniga.

      • mike weber says:

        Well, we are never going to agree…

      • mike weber says:

        A further thought:Sixgun Mojo is exactly equivalent to Frank Miller's Spirit movie.

        • russ carreiro says:

          How do you figure that? Im not sure what you are talking about and you probably aren't either. You are comparing the high point and the most popular and heralded take on a character (Truman and Lansdale's Hex) versus a movie that bombed and was a complete disaster.

          • Dave says:

            "Sixgun Mojo" is a good story, but it is not a Jonah Hex story in the classic sense – merely an interesting turn on the character. Hex with a strong supernatural element is like Hex with a futuristic element, although Mojo was done much better. A film version of Hex would be closer to the character if it was more like Eastwood's "High Plains Drifter" (mainly the mood) with a post civil war element than it would with a supernatural element. "Sixgun Mojo" would leave audiences with a highly distorted view of Hex – which they wouldn't find were they to seek out the comics for more of Jonah.

          • russ carreiro says:

            I dont agree. Their version of Hex was very true to form and in fact he was far more realistic, which is odd considering the supernatural elements. The way they deal with him as a confederate soldier and the way the art reflected the period was very true to form. It was surely better written and better drawn as well. I think the Six Gun Hex would make for a better movie than anything you are suggesting. Also, the movies are not made to draw people to the comics. A successful movie will make far more money than anything that ever could be made off of a comic.

          • mike weber says:

            In fact, i have never seen aparticularly realisric portrayal of The War Between the States from DC – though the real Jonah Hex is fairly close sometimes.You didn't like my comparison to Miller's "Spitrit"? – what i meant was that "Six Gun Mojo" took pretty much everything that made the character what he was and threw it out for generic pseudo-sophisticated horror elements to appeal to immature fanboys who like to think they're cool because they like stuff that's, y'know, dark and scary.You mentioned "High Plains Drifter" – okay – if the real "Jonah Hex" is "High Plains Drifter", "Six Gun Mojo" is "Friday the 13th".And Truman and Lansdale came damned close to costing DC a *lot* of money…

          • russ carreiro says:

            Hmm so if I like the supernatural elements then Im a "immature fanboy"? Please, you are the one sounding like a fanboy. The point is simple, they kept true to the Hex character. Saying just because they tossed in a freaky sideshow and some zombies makes it against the character is silly. Hex was still Hex. Period. They actually made him more of a "real" character despite the supernatural things in the comic. The previous incarnation of Hex was pretty stale and boring. It was well drawn, but the stories were stupid and they did have some supernatural types as back-up tales if I recollect properly. The weak attempt at a lawsuit from the Winter brothers ended up costing Tim and Joe a lot of money, not DC. It also has nothing to do with what we are talking about.

          • mike weber says:

            You are completely style-deaf and not very knowledgable about hstory (i note you didn't say anything about my remarks about comics and The War Between the States {not "Civil War", please – it wasn't one}), aren't you?DC has had a long and insufferably-bad history of character reworks that failed miserably because the new writers had no interest in staying true to the essence of the character, or else no understanding f what that was…Incidentally – you are not "a immature fanboy"; you may be "an fanfoy", i don't know.About the best DC "re-imaging" of existing characters is "Watchmen".

  2. Dave says:

    You make som good points, however (despite the good work Lansdale and Truman did) Jonah Hex fighting monsters simply doesn't ring true to the character to me.

  3. russ carreiro says:

    "You are completely style-deaf and not very knowledgable about hstory (i note you didn't say anything about my remarks about comics and The War Between the States {not "Civil War", please – it wasn't one}), aren't you" I live directly in the middle of "Civil War" country. You can try to sound as smart as you want, but what something is called is what its called. It doesn't matter what it was or wasn't. We aren't at a recreation of the Battle of Gettysburg, its an Internet message board. Get off the high horse like the rest of us who are obviously too dumb to cross swords with your wit and wisdom. Also, Mojo was a glaring success, not a failure. It was also a Vertigo title and Joe and Tim's work on it is revered.

    • mike weber says:

      I live in Atlanta. Where do you live?Since we're talking about the War Between the States period, let me give you a Lincoln quote:"If you call a dog's tail a leg, how many legs has a dog?""Four – because calling a tail a leg doesn't *make* it a leg."And whether something was a success or not, or whether it is "revered" or not – especially things that appeal to the fanboy mentality – has little or nothing to do with its worth or quality – or are you a Britney Spears fan, too?And, you know, you still haven't replied to any of what i actually said, except to defend an improper word useage and to (apparently) claim that popular success equates to quality.

      • russ carreiro says:

        I live in Dumfries, VA. Its about 5 mins from Manassass. Its not incorrect to call it the "Civil War", your reasoning is silly. Its not the same thing as calling a dogs tail its leg, absurd. I guess every plaque, every street sign, every other person I have ever talked to about are all wrong but you are right? I always say "when you think its everyone else and not you, then its you." As for "revered versus popular" you are correct that they aren't the same thing. The fact is that Truman and Lansdales work on Hex is revered because of the quality of the work. It is 100% feasible and quite common for things to be "revered" because of the quality of the work. Not everything popular is garbage.

        • mike weber says:

          I didn't say you *couldn't* call it "the Civil War", not that i didn't know precisely what you were referiing to – just that it's wrong, according to definition historians. But then, there only four Great Lakes, according to hydrologists, but most everyone seems to think there are five.I stand by my comments vis a vis "revered" vs "good" and my characterisation of the majority of those who call that stuff "good".This is getting boring.Bye bye.

      • Russ Rogers says:

        I like Britney Spears, especially "Hit Me One More Time…" and "Toxic." Good songs. Fun videos. Pure Pop for Now People. Did you know she was a Mouseketeer!You guys are arguing about a matter of taste. It's like saying, "You're a stupid fanboy if you like Sweet Potatoes, because I don't like Sweet Potatoes!" People like what they like and there is little point in arguing that one person's tastes are superior to another's, even if you feel it's true. Neither of you has made any points worthy of changing the other person's mind. Personally, I like Tim Truman's art. Have you read GrimJack: The Manx Cat? How about The Black Lamb? Good stuff. Fun reads.And yeah, it was the "Civil War," even if that is the stupidest oxymoron and "War Between the States" isn't.

        • mike weber says:

          Actually, the reason "Civil War" isn't the term, and "The Late Unpleasantness Betwen the States" (heh) is is because a "civil war" is (as was the English Civil War) between two rival establishments, each claiming to be the legitimate government of the whole country.The War Between the States was a war between one faction that wanted to not be part of the country, and another that was trying to prevent it.And i like Tim Truman's art (well, i like his style), even on "Six Gun Mojo" – it's the story there that's so wrong there.

  4. russ carreiro says:

    Well, when you talk to historians refer to it like that. To everyone else, especially to a guy who was raised and still lives in "Civil War" battle sites, its boorish to correct people on something so silly.