‘Wicked’ Film Inevitable

Robert Greenberger

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16 Responses

  1. Eel Bonjack says:

    I've actually asked Gregory McGuire himself about this at a book signing, and he said it's inevitable himself. I told him that I'd love Tim Burton to do it (duh) and he said that TB has expressed interest. I sure hope so……..

    • Ian Bonds says:

      I'm sorry, but Tim Burton doing "Wicked" is a horrible idea. He'd cast Johnny Depp as the Wizard, Helena Bohnam Carter would be miscast as well as SOMEONE (probably Elphaba) and it would look like "Sleepy Hollow" with singing…just like the horribly miscast "Sweeny". I like Tim Burton, but he doesn't make good choices thematically or directorially anymore.

      • Russ Rogers says:

        I didn't see Sweeny Todd, so I can't say from that. But I saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Helena Bonham Carter was an odd choice for Charlie's mom, but not miscast. She didn't muck it up. Depp's Asperger's portrayal of Willy Wonka was revelatory. And Freddie Highmore is possibly the most gifted and natural child actor of his generation. I found the thematic and directorial choices on that movie near perfect, even in the scenes that strayed from the original book. Burton's not the greatest director of all time. But I think Burton, Terry Gilliam and Dave McKean should be on the shortlist of considered directors for "Wicked.".

        • Scott Thomas says:

          I must say, I was not able to see Wicked in person on Broadway because I don't live close to New York. I was on the other hand able to see a video made and posted online of the Broadway production and I thought they did great, I also have the CD and felt the same way about it. Even more so, I do live close to LA, and I did go and see it at the Pantages Theatre. It was great, I loved it, and although it was not the original cast, I thought the cast did great. IMDB.com has showcased that Wicked is going to be made inot a movie, it comming out in 2010, Baz Luhrmann is going to Direct, Winnie Holzman is doing song book and screenplay (she's original songbook) as well as a few others. So when it comes to Tim Burton directing, that wont happen unless Baz Luhrmann backs out. I dont think Tim Burtin is a good choice for Directing, but I do think that Jonny Depp might just pull off a good Wizard. Helena Bonham Carter would and could never live up to the part of Elphaba, but could see her as a possible Madame Morrible (LOL). They will mostlikly have Idina Menzel come back as Elphaba, Kristin Chenoweth as Galinda or Glinda, but find a whole new cast to play the other parts. I will say, Anne Hathaway, with some voice lessions would make a really good Nessa.

          • Russ Rogers says:

            I don't know Wicked. I don't know the part of Nessa. But, Anne Hathaway has a lovely voice! I was very surprised by how well she sang on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live. Come to think of it, she sang in Ella Enchanted and Princess Bride 2 as well.

      • Anonymous says:

        He probably wouldn't cas Helena Bohnam Carter as Elphie, because she's not that good of a singer… he would probably cast her as Madame Morrible, which I, personaly, would LOVE to see.

  2. Scott Thomas says:

    OK……….. Sorry, I can't agree with you about Anne Hathaway's voice. I didn't watch SNL, But I have seen both Ella Enchanted And her voice was ok, but it was not great. As for Princess Bride 2, I think you mean Princess Diaries 2, and I have not seen that movie in a long time, and dont remember her singing in that movie, but again it has been a long time. My recomendation is to see the play, read the books, listen to the Soundtrack, etc. Because it is a great musical.

  3. Vickie says:

    Funny, was just thinking today, as I was listening to my WICKED Cd in the car, that a movie just wouldn't be able to compare to the show. It is my absolute favorite show, and to see it on Broadway, if you get the chance, is beyond compare. Chicago was a very good movie, and I did love it, but I just feel like WICKED would lose a "specialness". If a movie is made, in my opinion, it would have to be with Kristin and Idina, there is just no way around it!!! Johnny Depp would be an interesting choice for the wizard, and Bette Midler, might make a fantastic Madame Morrible. Not sure who I think for Nessa, and she doesn't have a whole ton of voice parts anyway, if you get someone like Reese Witherspoon, sometimes that tends to be too distracting to the veiwer to get "big name" popular people of the moment, but I think Reese would be good as far as the sweetness and then the bitterness, I think she could pull off that part of it. Boc and Fiyero hhhmmmm there tougher. Ideas……..

  4. Scott Thomas says:

    Thanks, I checked out the link, and although it sounds good there, It is also hard to tell about her voice because there are 3 of them singing, and she never sings solo. Never the less, I still think she would make a good nessa.

  5. Scott Thomas says:

    So far, I feel all the plays that they have made into movies have been good Quality, Produced and put together fantasticly. I may not have liked the storyline, plot or some of the changes they have made to the story. But overall the out come they produced was good. That being said, The play was fantastic, and I do feel that if you have not seen it in play form, you should. As for casting goes, again Kristin and Idina our a must. And I COMPLEATLY AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT BETTE MIDLER! You hit the nail on the top of the head with that one. I'm Surprisde they didnt think of that. But then agian they probibly did and she either couldnt, or they didnt have it in the budget to cast her. Cause I would not ever think that she would not do it if asked or offered. Reese Witherspoon is a great actress, but I dont think she could do any other part other then Glinda, and although they are friends and they just worked together on Four Christmas's, I think Kristin is just to good at the part. Plus in Singing, Kristin has perfect pitch and I don't think Reese could even compare. As for Boc and Fiyero, those are still up in the air…. There are to many people that they can cast in those parts that would do great. I just honestly hope that they stick with more of the play then the book. I have not read the book all the way through yet, but I do know they changed the play or "Disneyfied It" as they say. And I loved the play. Yes I want to see it longer and see more of the book in it, but the key changes they should keep. Plus, with the movie they can bring it to a much grander scale.

  6. dawn says:

    well idina and kristin are definate musts to reprise their roles and one change I think they should consider is to add the book part to popular (kristin last broadway rendition of popular if you havnt seen it watch it it's hilarious she adlibs with a so called book shed written called how to be popular the best part is that idina obviously wasn't expecting it becoz she was laughing so much) as for fiyero I think James marsden would be able to pull it off brilliantly he did hairspray and enchanted so well he has a great voice I think bette midler for morrible would be brill also the wizard I'm not agreeing on depp he'll make it too weird but maybe Christopher walken? boq I have no idea and I reckon Anne Hathaway for nessa and for backups for glinda either amy Adams or reese witherspoon and elphiba because of the strong vocals I think if they don't get idina they will have some real trouble trying to find someone as good as hers but if they are wanted young ppl which will be a huge mistake then they could choose ashley tisdale as glinda and vanessa what's her name as elphiba but that will too high school musical but Brittany snow is quite a good singer

  7. Linda says:

    When they make it into a movie I only hope they use trained singers….real musicians who can actually sing well. The music is too beautiful to give it to a well known actor, just to get people into the theaters. There are so many talented unknown musical theater actors that should be cast in musical movies. Mama Mia the movie, should have been so much better than it was. We didn't need Meryl Streep or Pierce Broznan. We needed really good singers from the musical theater world.I'd love to see Kristin and Idina ideally. How about Chris Columbus? He did quite well with Rent.

    • Marc Alan Fishman says:

      Well Linda… the issue there is in Hollywood the stars put butts in seats, not talented singers. Now, it's not that I disagree with you, I think many Broadway singers need to be boosted up for these movie adaptations too, it's just when they do (see the box office flop of Rent verses Chicago, or Mamma Mia) … it ends up with the Stars over the talent.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ok, so the vocals required for Elphaba, even with digital and studio work would prove to be very difficult for an amateur vocalist. Therefore, I think anyone with talent less than equal to Idina Menzel's amzing voice would have difficulty truly fulfilling that role. I just hope that when this work is released it isn't terrible. I just can't help but to be skeptical about this one.

  9. Anonymous says:

    They just need to cast Kristin and Idina. There obviously are others that could do it but I don't think it would be anywhere near it's possibilities without them. Idina once said Kristin was the heart and soul of the show and in my opinion the two of them are. And as sad as it sounds I know a number of people who wouldn't watch the movie without the tow ladies.