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Robert Greenberger

Robert Greenberger is best known to comics fans as the editor of Who's Who In The DC Universe, Suicide Squad, and Doom Patrol. He's written and edited several Star Trek novels and is the author of The Essential Batman Encyclopedia. He's known for his work as an editor for Comics Scene, Starlog, and Weekly World News, as well as holding executive positions at both Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

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4 Responses

  1. John Tebbel says:

    Down with the Animation Oscar! Let 'em compete for the real Best Picture fair and square. We reject any patronizing separate award and fart in their general direction.

    • Anonymous says:

      "We reject any patronizing separate award and fart in their general direction."Who's we?Look, I understand why those who're opposed to the existence of the Best Animated Feature Oscar category feel they way they do, but (1) the existence of the category doesn't prevent an animated feature from being nominated as a Best Picture (it may make it less likely, but that's arguable) and (2) the existence of a Best Animated Feature Oscar category guarantees that there will be some Oscar attention given to Animated Features every year; without it, there would be plenty of years without any Oscar attention for animated movies. I understand why some feel that "ghetto-izes" animation, but I do appreciate the current set-up that guarantees at least some attention for animation.

      • John Tebbel says:

        We is, of course, my fine self. (wait for applause)(1) I think animation was about to win a Best Picture and make everyone think (ugh, the effort) about just what a Picture is. I would be one of those who would suggest the Best Animated Feature category puts that day off somewhat. I wanted Robin Williams and the key Aladdin animator to get Best Actor. I'm on the edge. I'm getting pronoun trouble.(2) I think animation is demeaned by an automatic award. Animation doesn't want for attention when it brings something to the screen people want to see. It has been robbed for Best Picture at least, um, let's say twice. But as long as we're talking and thinking about the movies, Oscar is doing it's job.

  2. faranak says:

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