‘King’ Gets Thrown Off the ‘Hill’

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2 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    They may have been canceled, but in my opinion Wonderfalls and Firefly are far superior to Family Guy. It's a crime they were dropped while Family Guy continued. If DVD sales were a factor, Wonderfalls and Firefly and firefly would have been brought back as their DVD sales were very good.

    • Anonymous says:

      DVD sales is not always the defining factor in bringing a television series back. There's also the financial issues to consider. FOX deemed it more profitable to renew FAMILY GUY and FUTURAMA rather than WONDERFALLS and FIREFLY because the resulting action would net them more profit."Family Guy" was brought back because it's easier to reassemble the cast for an animated series than it is for a live-action series, because even though actors' appearances often change overtime with age, you can keep drawing animation the same way for years. Judge doesn't look the same as when he first started out in the industry, and the age difference between when McFarlane first started out and today is significant also, but these individuals can still provide the same voices. Actors once again come into place when death is involved. On an animated series, if an actor dies, the character may still remain through a cast change. This change is not as easy in live-action series. Take the show TWIN PEAKS. Frank Silva died of AIDS in 1995. His character on the series, the supernatural being BOB, was a major element of the series' plotline. There would be no way to continue the series following Silva's death.There's also the issue of sets – it is usually possible to reassemble or recreate the backgrounds for an animated series, while it is not as easy to put together sets for a live-action series that has been canceled for several years. Some sets may be stored in multiple warehouses and become difficult to once again gather together, and others may be destroyed completely.