Chris Pine Talks ‘Star Trek’

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3 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    Being referred to as "the peanut gallery" doesn't exactly make me want to stand in line for advance tickets to this film.

  2. jim wiz says:

    …."StarTwars"….Peanut Gallery……."It'll be what it'll be"………Mr. Pine, at least Pretend that you respect the Product, the Audience, and at least fein a little excitement at playing the part. Your an actor, right? Acting before and after the release date would be a very, professional and appreciated gesture, to us End Users of this, and Any particular film.

  3. Cat Springer says:

    Shatner's Kirk was authoritarian, driven, almost obsessive, book-toting, ideological. Even his smugness & skirt-chasing came from a core of self-assuredness actors aren't allowed today. Kirk, under all the Shatner bluster, was a stuffed shirt & dynamic officer. So what do you bring to the plate, Mr. Pine?