Luck Be A Lady? No. Luck Be my Bitch. By Michael Davis

Michael Davis

Master Of The Universe, Lord Of All Media, Most Interesting Black Man In the World, Sexiest Man on Earth, Mentor, Writer, Artist, Producer & Uppity.

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31 Responses

  1. Marc Alan Fishman says:

    Eloquent as always Mr. Davis. Have fun in the land of the rising sun, where I am sure you will tower over the populace like the godzilla-like force that you are. I know we are worlds apart and I'm about as black as you are white… but your article got me thinking. I am lucky. I've won a trip to vegas once. I was phoographed with Maya Angelou when I was in fourth grade and made the front of the local paper. I've never broken a bone, been stabbed, or shot at. Believe me, I am truly thankful for all of this luck I've been given by whatever fates control the universe. But beyond that, more to the point… Anything in life I've really wanted…. I've worked hard for, and I've earned. Please keep us posted on how things are going with your various projects. Oh, and if a hotter than Lucy Liu chick says something cute to you on the express train in tokyo… STAY ON THE TRAIN! Don't want you to miss a meeting now, do we?Cheers.

  2. Alan Kistler says:

    Dude, I met that girl yesterday at the train station. She's still waiting!

  3. Mark Behar says:

    "Luck is when opportunity meets preparation."I'm not so sure about that, Michael. I think luck, in its truest sense, is DUMB luck, rather than good fortune. Besides buying a ticket, you can't prepare to win the lottery any more than the next person. Besides plunking a coin into a slot machine, you can't prepare to hit the $5 million jackpot any more than the next person. Unless you've rigged the lottery or the slot machine.When people call you a lucky guy, perhaps they simply mean that you're fortunate, which shouldn't imply anything about a lack of work eithic/merit. Although they might. I don't know these folks.

    • Michael Davis says:

      You make a good point Mark-however those people I'm talking about for the most part are not friends of mine. I should have addressed that in the piece so you have done me a solid with your post. To MY point there is a VERY well known artist who was a friend until I became CEO of Motown's film and TV unit. He got upset when he realized that he had to submit a project to me who he still sees as someone who should bow at his feet. Ever since then he has called me a fraud and continues to call me a fraud, once to my face (a mistake he will NEVER make again) and on many occasions to people that know me. Mike Gold once spent an hour on the phone with me explaining that the person in question is simply a dick. To his credit he has never said any of this in public or in a interview. As Mr. T said-I PITY THE FOOL-if he does.

  4. Jeremiah Avery says:

    Wonderful column! The notion that something happened due to "good luck" usually shortchanges the work that went into something. The concepts of "luck" and "destiny" are for lazy people. They institute a notion that by doing nothing but waiting, something will happen. I believe in making my own "luck" via networking, doing the legwork, etc. I didn't get my degree or my current job by thinking "Oh, it's destiny". Working towards a goal makes you appreciate it all the more, rather than being handed to you by "luck".I empathize with you, Mr. Davis, with that incident on the subway. I was talking with someone on the metro train home one day and when she got off at her stop, I didn't follow because it wasn't my stop. No number, zip. Once the train started moving I smacked myself upside the head.

  5. Alan Coil says:

    Only ONE ugly kid? I think you're lucky not to have more than one ugly kid.

  6. Anithri says:

    man you're gonna get sued by Mel Brooks and the ghost of Cleavon Little.

  7. Shane Kelly says:

    After reading this article/blog I came to the conclusion, that should Mike and I ever wind up in Vegas together…Sitting at a craps table at the same time…That I will, in no uncertain terms, NOT have him blow on my dice.

    • Michael Davis says:

      Real man don't play craps dude. Hop Scotch-now there's a game!!

      • Shane Kelly says:

        All right, then I'll ammend it…Should Mike and I ever wind up in a neighborhood, in a major city, on the same street and at the same time, while I am having a successful run during a game of Hop-Scotch…I will, in no uncertain terms, NOT have him blow on my rock—-Uh, hmmm, that doesn't sound right at all. Especially with the whole "any port in a storm" references earlier in the post, taken into context.However, I would defintiely have drinks with Mike at a bar, anytime we share the same zip code, and of course, the drink would now have to be Scotch on the Rocks, with a hop intensive, beer chaser.

  8. Shane Kelly says:

    Damn typos!!