Review: ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ Episode #202

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2 Responses

  1. Scavenger says:

    uhm, doesn't a review usually discuss the merits of a show, not just rundown what happened?I didn't care for this episode….The abandonment of Morris and Cheri in favor of new girl Riley annoys me. The Cheri mystery never got off the ground, but was playing in to John's need to actually start being a hero, and Morris was fun sidekick/element of Cameron's evolving personality. Riley is brought in to be the new hot girl, and was frankly shoe horned into the story in a "HERE: Like this character!"In season 1, the clearance from cancer was one of the shows elements of saying "T3 didn't happen." As I disliked T3, I'm good with that..and at the time, the movie franchise was dead. Bringing the cancer fear back in felt less like upping the pathos and tension and more like trying to bring the show in line with the revived movie franchise.Highly pregnant and nosy neighbor/land lord…are we borrowing plot elements from 70's sitcoms now?The comment above about Cameron being slower to respond…was it her, or was it the whole show which had a strange laconic feel to it. Hopefully next week gets back on my track.

    • Anonymous says:

      I know what you mean, Scavenger. Actually, I think that every eipsode this season has a strange "feel" to it. I absolutely fell in love with the show during Season 1. I can't place my finger on it….but this season is different somehow. I hope they get it back together… really is an awesome show.M