If You’re Not There, You Just Won’t Get It, Part 3, by Michael Davis

Michael Davis

Master Of The Universe, Lord Of All Media, Most Interesting Black Man In the World, Sexiest Man on Earth, Mentor, Writer, Artist, Producer & Uppity.

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16 Responses

  1. MARK WHEATLEY says:

    I think no means no. But no, with an explanation is usually taken as the opening of a negotiation. So – if you just say no without an explanation it is seen as a complete rejection. When, really, no just means no.On the other hand – I once did a great negotiation when I got a no from an agent. I accepted his no immediately and moved on so quickly that he had no opportunity to even start to explain. And every time he attempted to explain I would tell him, "You don't need to explain yourself to me – I'm sure you have good reasons for your decision." The result was the next time I brought a project to him he was so ready to say YES that I didn't even start to sell him.

    • Michael Davis says:

      In a business situation I agree you should give some clarification (which is why I understand now where Priest was coming from) In a personal situation-to me 'no' means 'no' I can't tell you how much I hate explaining to people why I'm don't care to come to their baby shower or cook out or party. People take those 'no's' as a damning gesture on their very being. AGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!

  2. Marc Alan Fishman says:

    Mr. Davis,I've really enjoyed this series thus far. I can't wait for the conclusion. Is there going to be more written about the current iteration of Milestone, as it returns to DC? I am sad to say I got into comics after Milestone was gone, but I'm quite interested in seeing some of the titles. I find your "straight no chaser" mentallity to be a breath of fresh air in this PC culture we live in. It seems to have lended itself to some of your success, and for that, I toast you too. Can I have a Diet Cherry Coke instead?

    • Michael Davis says:

      Thanks Marc,I have no idea what DC's plans are for Milestone. You will know why that is next week. (Plug) Thanks for the kind words however. Diet Cherry? Eh…no.BE A MAN!! EMBRACE THE CAFFEINE!!!! ;)

      • Marc Alan Fishman says:

        Sadly, as part of their evil conditioning, my parents raised me on diet coke. It's dastardly Mr. Davis.

        • Michael Davis says:

          Marc,How's this-put the REAL Cherry Coke into a DIET Cherry Coke can? Eh??

          • Marc Alan Fishman says:

            For a chance to toast you, why not! The impending sugar rush will help me complete pages.

          • Michael Davis says:

            We have a rule here Marc, no one is funnier than me. Twice you have made me laugh out loud and that's a no no. I'm letting it go this time but you have been warned buddy. You…have…been…warned.ehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe…evil laugh.

          • Marc Alan Fishman says:

            But Mr. Davis, It's my full intention to make you laugh, and impress you with my witty banter. You see, I have a rule too… When I can make someone laugh, I do. Laughter makes everything better. Like a spoonful of sugar. Or five spoonfulls if we gorge ourselves on cherry coke.So if I get three laughs, do I earn a chance to pitch to ya?! :) ehheehehehehehehehehehehe… anxious white guy laugh.

          • Alan Coil says:

            Careful, Marc, Michael has a Death Ray.

          • Michael Davis says:

            Marc,Alan and Jeremiah are trying to help you! Beware of the Dark side or in this case the Dark Man and his DEATH RAY! As far as pitching to me, truth be told I'm a sucker for a witty person. Tell you what, I have created an email address JUST FOR the folks at comicmix who want to write to me without 2 million people sharing in your inner most thoughts. That email is: davis@michaeldavisworld.com In regards to 'pitching' DO NOT SEND ME ANYTHING that is original unless it is presented by an agent or attorney. Sorry I'm not going back to court because someone said they sent me the name of my daughter in a pitch and now they want me to write them a check. If you don't want to do the 'agent' or 'lawyer' thing ( I understand that!) and you are a writer only send stuff you have written IF it's from an existing character or book. DO NOT send me your great American graphic novel that is ALL YOU without it being seen by another party first. If you are an artist-do NOT send me original drawings of YOUR characters. Send me stuff that is all ready out there. All jokes aside I would love to help you if I can but I'm just not crazy about dealing with any drama when it comes to this stuff. True story-a guy tried to sue Milestone because we created a Black Superhero. That's it. None of our characters LOOKED OR ACTED IN ANY WAY LIKE HIS. He was suing because his character was Black. AND-he got a lawyer to take his case. We CRUSHED him like a little bug.hehehehehehehee..who's your daddy laugh.

          • Marc Alan Fishman says:

            Noted sir. By pitch, I mean tell you about my new Soda though. Twice the sugar as regular. I call it "GAHH!" (the sound one makes after sipping it). I shot you an e-mail though, in all seriousness. Thanks for conversing with me (and the rest of the fine posters here). I can't wait to read your conclusion (and hope you will still write weekly anyways.).Oh, and for your knowledge… my daddy is Irwin J. Fishman of Chicago, Illinois. He owned a liquor store at 87th and Commercial Ave. We have alot of free booze for those who help elevate Unshaven Comics. ;)

  3. Jeremiah Avery says:

    I'd heed his warning if I were you. One should not mess with the "Master of the Universe".Great column again, Michael. I look forward to learning more about this piece of history.I sometimes have problems getting people to grasp that "No", "I'm busy" or "I have other plans" is me trying to tactfully evade having to attend something I would rather have nothing to do with. May I borrow your Ray Gun?

    • Michael Davis says:

      "Borrow my ray gun?" Jeremiah,… is you stupid? That's like asking to borrow Fantastic Four #1 to show to some kids…at the pool. A death ray is like a fine asian woman or a vintage soul album from the 70's- brother you gots to get your own!

      • Jeremiah Avery says:

        Yeah, that was definitely a severe momentary lapse in judgment. Though giving the other items presented, I figure either the woman or the vintage album would be better for me to find on my own. An idiot like me with a ray gun would just make things worse for those that also have them.

  4. s.bove says:

    Every once in a while I get to teach a course on comics and the first thing covered is copyright. I remember having a college student walk in with a concept called DEADMAN! Even when I told him he'd have to battle Time/Warner for the rights to the name he refused to back down from it. Sometimes all you can do is inform and wish a person good luck.SB