Jon Sable Freelance: Ashes of Eden – Complete and Online

Martha Thomases

Martha Thomases brought more comics to the attention of more people than anyone else in the industry. Her work promoting The Death of Superman made an entire nation share in the tragedy of one of our most iconic American heroes. As a freelance journalist, she has been published in the Village Voice, High Times, Spy, the National Lampoon, Metropolitan Home, and more. For Marvel comics she created the series Dakota North. Martha worked as a researcher and assistant for the author Norman Mailer on several of his books, including the Pulitzer-Prize-winning Executioner's Song, On Women and Their Elegance, Ancient Evenings, and Harlot's Ghost.

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  1. Russ Rogers says:

    Jon Sable: The Ashes of Eden is the best Mike Grell novel on ComicMix. The art is beautiful, the plot is clever. It's filled with action and babes and brains getting blown out by high caliber hand-guns. This was finished two months ago. Why wait until now to announce that it's complete? Is this the prelude to some even bigger announcement?When will this be available in dead tree, tangible form? Any idea what the cover will look like? Is somebody clever and cool writing an introduction? Will there be bonus material unavailable online. Will ComicMix be the print publisher/distributor of the book, will you partner with one specific print publisher or will you try to license individual books to various publishing houses?For no particularly good reason, here's a run down on the rest of the ComicMix comics.Also Complete and Online:GrimJack: The Manx Cat, by John Ostrander and Tim TrumanGrimJack has been a personal favorite of mine for more than twenty years. This is a mix of Science Fiction and film noir detective story. An overt homage to "The Maltese Falcon." This is a great introduction to a classic character with a great setting, "Cynosure: The City at the nexus of all realities!" This is an even better backdrop for storytelling than "The Dreaming."The Adventures of Simone & Ajax: The Case of the Maltese Duck, by Andrew PepoyWhat if Archie Andrews and The Marx Brothers had strange mutant children. That would be Simone and Ajax.EZ Street, by Robert Tinnell and Mark WheatleyThis is great stuff. This is about comics, love and life. Maybe not in that order. Justifiably nominated for a Harvey Award this year.Demons of Sherwood, by Bo Hampton and Robert TinnellHistoric fantasy fiction mixing the Robin Hood characters with elements of Horror and Demons. Beautiful artwork, great characterizations. Super-fun read.Those four are also finished and complete in the last two months, since Jon Sable: The Ashes of Eden.…I think this collects all of the Simone And Ajax stories written and published before the dawn of ComicMix. I'm probably wrong, but I think The Maltese Duck is the first Simone and Ajax story originally presented on ComicMix. Lamb is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror mix. Like a blend of GrimJack, Scout, Jonah Hex, Dracula and Wolfman stories. This is PURE Tim Truman. Like Tim Truman CRACK. All the idiosyncratic things that make Truman great boiled down into one comic. This was originally published by Helix, a short-lived DC Imprint. If every Helix Comic was this strange and wonderful and disturbing and smart… ::sigh:: Oh well. It's nice that it's here on ComicMix. The catalog page for Black Lamb doesn't include Black Lamb #1, which is why I include it here separately. Grell wrote this; the artist is Rick Hoberg. The Bar Sinister gang, a group of genetically engineered super-Moreaus, half men/half animals. "Animorphs," except that name is trademarked. is a crossover here with the Bar Sinister Gang who make their debut in issues 1-4 of Shaman's Tears. There was also a crossover with Jon Sable here. This was originally published by Image. You can say this is "complete and online," except there are unfinished bits of story at the end of #12. I think #12 was supposed to be a lead in to Maggie the Cat #1. Maggie the Cat had a short run in print comics, also with an unfinished story. So who knows, we may see Maggie the Cat on ComicMix. That would be cool. [I guess Mike Grell and Mike Gold know! Hey, will we see more Maggie the Cat?] It looks like this was part of Mike Grell's attempt at creating a "Grell Universe," along with Shaman's Tears, Jon Sable and Maggie the Cat. Who knows, maybe Starslayer might have made an appearance eventually.Shaman's Tears doesn't end so much as it peters out. The slapdash (out of sequence) way it was put up and cataloged on ComicMix seems to indicate that including it online was an afterthought by Mike Grell and Mike Gold. is an adaptation of a story by Irwin S. Cobb (grandfather of Buff Cobb). I'm not sure if Fishhead was originally published by ComicMix or not. A complete novella is here, along with another short story. was a one-shot, short story, Bo Hampton reprint. Put on ComicMix during a brief delay in Demons of Sherwood. Underworked is a sweet little story and doesn't deserve to get lost in the clutter of ComicMix "back issues." is a continuing series of short stories, centered around Munden's Bar. Munden's Bar is at the center of Cynosure, the nexus of all realities. It's featured heavily in GrimJack. Munden's Bar stories are generally outside of the GrimJack Continuity. They are generally outside of ANY continuity. Most Munden's stories are satire, although there have been experiments with horror and other genres. Munden's Bar was created by (and regularly features) John Ostrander, but it has a revolving door of authors and artists.Continuing Stories: of ComicMix's longest running comics, Black Ice plays to writer, Mike Baron's fortes or Science Fiction with strong action sequences. Black Ice is on a disappointingly erratic production schedule, so it doesn't have the pages to show for the length of time it's been on ComicMix. Giordano is the artist on this. It's hard to classify the White Viper as we are still in the opening pages of her "origin story." of the Gods: Back From The Dead, by Mike Oeming and Mark Wheatley. The newest ComicMix comic is steeped in Norse Mythology. A great premise with great promise. Technically, this is Book 2 in the saga. It's a sequel to Hammer of the Gods: Mortal Enemy, Book 1, published by Image Comics. There is some hint that this might get republished online, maybe by ComicMix?