Carly Monardo Needs Your Commissions

Rick Marshall

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  1. Rick Rottman says:

    Just to clarify, the interest the IRS charges is 6% a year, not a day. The amount of interest that is compounded daily on what is owed is roughly 0.0164383% a day. To put that into context, that works out to be around .82 cents a day for every $5,000 owed.

  2. Vinnie Bartilucci says:

    Yeah, the IRS is actually pretty good about letting you set up a payment plan – they're more interested in that you ARE paying, and not as much how much, as long as we're not talking national debt-affecting numbers. I think I pay like 38 dollars a month against my back owings.I hope Carly remembers that any money she gets as a result of this plea will ALSO have to be taxed and paid aganist next year. Trying to win against the goverment = epic fail.

  3. Rick Marshall says:

    Yeah, I don't claim to know much about the process of filing a, well… claim. I pay somebody to do that for me. However, I thought the abundance of link love and, in the case of the video, other types of support Carly's post received was certainly worth noting.Thanks for adding your savvy to the mix, Rick and Vinnie.

  4. Carly Monardo says:

    Hey guys! Wow, I never expected my little post to make it this far!Just to clarify, when I was on the phone with the IRS agent, she told me interest would be "6% compounded daily", to which I replied "wow" and she said, "yeah". The fact that it is "yearly" interest compounded daily is important, but the fact is I can't afford the basic sum, let alone any additional interest or penalties that might be incurred.Also, and this is important, my post was NOT an attack on the IRS! The woman I dealt with was extremely nice and did her best to help me, but as I said that doesn't change the fact that I can't afford to pay. All I wanted to do was put the word out that I was looking for commissions so that I can pay my taxes…I wouldn't call that trying to "win against the government".

  5. Carly Monardo says:

    Also, thanks for spreading the word, Rick! It was really nice meeting you at MoCCA today!