Happy Birthday: Jack Kamen

Aaron Rosenberg

Aaron Rosenberg has written novels for Pocket's Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers, White Wolf's Exalted and Games Workshop's Warhammer lines. He has his own game company, Clockworks (www.clockworksgames.com).

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3 Responses

  1. Mike Gold says:

    I think it should be noted that Jack's son, Dean, is the inventor of the two-wheeled Segue as well as the AutoSyringe, an inexpensive water purification system, and about 400 other gizmos. He received the National Medal of Technology in 2000. So choke on it, Freddie Wertham!

  2. Russ Rogers says:

    Also from Wikipedia: Kamen's son Dean Kamen is the inventor of the Segway and the iBOT Mobility System. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Kamen Happy Birthday, Jack!