Video: The ‘Iron Man’ Nick Fury Ending

Van Jensen

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7 Responses

  1. Victor Agreda Jr says:

    heh, one of my students who saw the movie told me to stick around… OMG, please let there be an Avengers movie! and let Marvel produce it for cryin' out loud. heck, the animated version (just saw part 1) wasn't half bad. that fight scene with the Hulk was epic and gnarly.

    • Rick Taylor says:

      There's an Iron Man Sequel, a Thor Movie, a Captain America movie AND an Avengers movie.

      • Neil says:

        Projected dates: IRON MAN 2 will open on April 30, 2010, followed by THOR on June 4, 2010. THE FIRST AVENGER: CAPTAIN AMERICA on May 6, 2011, and THE AVENGERS in July 2011.Neil O.

  2. Alan Coil says:

    I felt it was hardly worth the wait of sitting through what seemed like 10 minutes of credits for that little bit. They could have just a easily stopped the credits for those few seconds. I appreciate what they are trying to do, but if you were "in the know", you waited. Otherwise, you never saw it. A lost opportunity.

  3. Matt Raub says:

    Favreau reportedly wants Avengers as the 3rd Iron Man film, which may mean we won't see any assembling until after 2011