‘Doctor Who’ Rescheduled, Russell T. Davies Annoyed

Rick Marshall

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2 Responses

  1. John Ostrander says:

    I'd be interested in knowing the Beeb's thinking for the time change. It's obvious that the Doctor was doing extremely well where it was. My mistrust of "geniuses" in programming who feel they have to tinker and then, if they're wrong, will blame the show rather than their own tinkering. I'm also confused by the "7:00-7:15" notation. Surely that's not the amount of time it runs. Or is the starting time variable within those two parameters?

  2. Lee Houston, Junior says:

    Dear John, et al.:The BBC has never had a "set" schedule for running anything per se. While a show's production company has always had a practically free hand in regards to a program's content, the BBC has always controlled what time a show airs. Hence things like Torchwood airing much later in the evening compared to what they consider "children's" programs like they perceive Doctor Who to be.The "powers at be" there presumably think the earlier time slot will attract more children, the alleged target audience, confirming their perception of our favorite Time Lord being "family fare".Meanwhile, the Sci-Fi Channel has a deal in place similar to BBC America's arrangement with Torchwood! The American presentation of the good Doctor will begin April 18th with the 2007 Christmas movie "Voyage of the Damned".AND the Sci-Fi Channel also has the broadcast rights to the other Doctor Who spin-off Sarah Jane (Smith) Investigates, which will start the week before, although the program is listed as The Sarah Jane Adventures. That series was totally produced as a true children's show, hence the earlier time slot, although it will probably be rated TV-PG since I have discovered that a lot of our fellow American viewing audiences are apparently not as "mature" as those overseas.