‘Star Trek: Year Four’ Review

Alan Kistler

Alan Kistler is a freelance writer who has contributed to MonitorDuty.com and PopCultureShock.com. He is a freelance video editor who occasionally acts in independent film projects. His blog is located at alantkistler.squarespace.com.

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1 Response

  1. Vinnie Bartilucci says:

    The popular tradition was that the three seasons of TOS was the entirety of the five year mission. A lot of that time was spent mapping and travelling between systems, so they could be mapped. I recall there were supposedly plans to bring Harry Mudd back in season four should it ever have gotten done; no ideas about any more than that. It'd be interesting to see if there were any treatments or anything lying around that could be used for projects like this, like Will Murray used to write new Doc Savage books based on Lester Dent's notes.