Screenwriter Removes Name From ‘Punisher: War Zone’

Rick Marshall

Rick Marshall was Online Managing Editor for ComicMix before joining MTV's SplashPage. Previously, he was Online Content Manager for Wizard Entertainment. He has written for several daily newspapers, alternative weekly newspapers, trade magazines and online media, and was named "Writer of the Year" by the New York Press Association in 2005.

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10 Responses

  1. mike weber says:

    "Castle is the only superhero without powers."BatmanCatwomanBlue Beetle (the Ditko/first DC version)Black Canary (mostly, setting aside the deus-ex-machina sonic power)Nick FuryWildcatGreen ArrowArrowetteNightwingAnd lots of others, i'm sure (can you tell which company's stuff i've been reading almost exclusively for a few years?)

    • Mike Gold says:

      Lone Ranger, Green Hornet, The Shadow…

      • mike weber says:

        Well, the Shadow and "clouding men's minds…"

        • Mike Gold says:

          That was the radio show. I, ah, was referring to the pulp hero!

          • mike weber says:

            I'm pretty sure he could do it there, too.And, remember, the pulp was a spinoff from a radio program.

          • Mike Gold says:

            Well, actually… the radio show where the dude clouded men's minds was a spinoff from the pulp, where he didn't, which in turn was a spinoff from a radio show where the dude was just a narrator, which was a spinoff from two different pulps, one of which being a romance magazine.But I just like referring to the scariest hero in American pulp fiction as "the dude."

  2. Brian K. Morris says:

    Okay, here's a wild idea … return the comic book tone that made the first film a success, write a script that would score in the red zone on the Thomas Jane-O-Meter, then bring Mr. Jane back and stop trying to re-invent the wheel!

  3. Matt Mako says:

    "To me, the Punisher deserved more than the usual comic book redress."Somehow changing everything that made the character successful, and trying to place the character in the real world is the current usual redress. I still don't understand why someone would pay for the rights to use Catwoman, then throw away 50 years of ideas and change everything until the only selling point is Halley Berry in kinky leather outfits.Well at least I haven't seen the Punisher reduced to Joel Schumaker practically giggling in each interview about having nipples on the costume.

  4. Scavenger says:

    "I dropped Frank in a real New York City with real villians, real cops, real relationships."Ah, like the first Punisher movie..the Dolph Lundgren one..where he lived in the sewers and went after mobsters and didn't wear the skull emblem. Yeah, that's the way to go!

  5. Michael Davis says:

    This guy has no respect for comics his statement "Castle is the only superhero without powers." is like saying. "Harlem is the only neighborhood with Black people.' I'm from NYC trust me The Punisher should stay in the 'comics world.' and the writer should stay in whatever asshole land he lives in.