Resident Dragon Extinction, by Ric Meyers

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  1. Vinnie Bartilucci says:

    Speaking of dragon-based movies, the fam and I went to the Museum of Natural History this weekend to catch the Mythic Creatures display before it closed on Sunday. So keen were we to see we actually paid FULL PRICE for the museum by buying our tickets ahead of time on the web (Any good new yorker knows that most museums are only "suggested donations", and you can pay a dollar each if you like) – just as well we did – the Mythic creatures show was sold out when we arrived.In the gift shop they were selling anything even vaguely myth-related, including those wonderful Folkmanis plush hand puppets (horribly overpriced o'course) and a wide selection of books. But the video rack was quite a surprise – first off it was already half off, and they were selling copies of Larry Cohen's Q! I wasn't even aware it was on DVD, and it even has a commentary track by Larry! Grabbed that but fast.