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Mike Gold

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8 Responses

  1. Joe Judt says:

    People forget that 'unseen hand' does not exist where there is no real competition. I'm a fairly libertarian person, but also strongly pro-union, at least in this case. People often don't know that residuals are a legal fiction – a deal – that allows for the 'authorship' or copyright to pass to the production company. Think about that. Without this deal, the production companies do not 'own' anything. Sadly, the real reasons driving this; new technology changing how people view entertainment and the reduction in the number of production companies since the laws were changed to allow broadcasters to 'own' content rather than just show it. This has created a forced consolidation in the marketplace. Kind of hard for the unseen hand to work when the door is always slammed on it. There is nothing 'lefty' about collective bargaining when one side is overwhelmingly powerful and prone to abuse that power. (Monkey points, anyone?)Ultimately, I hope it works out quickly, as I'm sure the production companies are good people. Let's hope they come together. But if you really want to level the playing field, write your senator and put the old-pre 1994 FCC rules in place.

  2. Lee Houston, Junior says:

    Believe it or not, I've heard reports that if the parties involved do not settle this on their own within the next couple of weeks, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (did I spell his last name right?) has said he will come in and mediate the dispute.While it would be interesting to see, I personally believe it's doubtful that he would be totally fair and impartial, given his pre-political career.

    • Mike Gold says:

      Actually…Ronald Reagan was president of the Screen Actor's Guild during their strike back around 1960. A lot of folks told me and have said on record — even before Reagan was president — that he sold the old timers down the river. I think the first person who mentioned this to me was Jack Larson, teevee's Jimmy Olsen. Anyway, they felt cheated out of the royalty structure for their pre-strike work.I think it's possible Gov. Arnold would be impartial. Actors, producers, writers, politicians… those categories tend to overlap in Hollywood. Do you know what Bizarro Hollywood is called?America.

  3. Marilee J. Layman says:

    I have a friend who's a Wobbly. She's very slightly left of me.

  4. mike weber says:

    To be fair – Iwerks had a big hand in bringing Mickey to the screen, but, according to Emmett Kelly, in "Clown", his autobiography, he worked alongside Walt in a Kansas City animation studio, and Walt was already thinking The Mouse in those days. (Yes – in addition to being possibly the greatest American clown who ever lived, Kelly was also an artist and animator, and began in the circus as a flyer, too…)Also, i don't see that much resemblance between Oswald and The Mouse – but between The Mouse and Iwerks' character Flip the Frog, yes.Speaking of the Wobblies and Walt's hatred of unions in general, the "Alice" film "Alice's Egg Farm" features a union organiser named "Little Red Henski", who carries a carpetbag tagged "IWW – Moscow". Of course, the good chickens and cows on the farm (violently) reject his blandishments and continue to give Alice their eggs and milk (pretty much for free) to sell.

  5. mike weber says:

    …and another thing – did anyone else find it mildly creepy when Disney was beong run by a couple of jerks named "Eisner" and "Iger"?

    • Mike Gold says:

      Yeah, that thought dawned on me, once upon a time. Now they've got Jobs… I can have a lot of fun with that name.

  6. gary hallgren says:

    Hurray for the writers–it takes real guts to gamble with a little in order to get just a little more. Perhaps this is an auspicious time for me to negotiate a raise from my authors–that's right, I as an illustrator am one layer further down in the mulch. I should query my writers and see what is their stand and shouldn't we all be on the same bus to middle-class prosperity? At least they are not Disney. Brrr.