MIKE GOLD: Enough Is Enough

Mike Gold

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8 Responses

  1. Elayne Riggs says:

    I like the Firesign ref. :) I'd like to believe in instant karma, but the sad truth is that too many people (mostly the rich ones) get away with this kind of crap until they die, not as sad and alone as they should be. And I disagree about the amount of impact celebritards have on our collective lives; I tend to think politicians and mercenaries are for more dangerous.

  2. Mike Gold says:

    Apples and oranges; both get wormy. The damage a drunk driver can cause is very specific and, in the case of the celebrities and the rich, quite stoppable. Our governing friends are dangerous on a whole 'nother plane; one of the problems with the Bush War is that it doesn't affect us enough — unless you actually went shopping when you otherwise wouldn't have.As for mercenaries… well, a couple of my more trusted friends are mercs and they're well armed, so I'll only say this: mercenaries are not inherently unethical.

    • Elayne Riggs says:

      Zoicks, given all the exposure we've had to Blackwater these last few days I guess I'll have to agree to disagree there! But yes, your overall point about drunk drivers is well taken; as a careless driver killed my father, I have no great love for people who get away with being behind the wheel because they've bought their way out of justice.

  3. Marilee J. Layman says:

    1. The reason I'm hearing for Ahmadinejad not being allowed at Ground Zero is that he's a Holocaust denier.2. I'm getting most of my OJ news from the WashPost, and in there, the memorabilia dealers are not said to be thieves. OJ says a former coach stole the stuff and sold it, eventually ending up with these guys. The really stupid part of OJ's actions is that anything he owns of value, like memorabilia, will go to the Goldbergs. They've already put in a claim for it.

    • Mike Gold says:

      I can't begin to imagine how many Holocaust deniers have been to ground zero. Statistically, more than a few must have even volunteered there after 9-11. At the risk of being seen as defending Ahmadinejad (and I'm not; I just don't want to see him take the Saddam slot as an excuse for another Bush war), in his Q&A at Columbia University today, he said he did not deny the Holocaust, but he didn't see why the Palestine people should pay for it. Of course, he also said that the "Palestinians" did not play a role in the persecution of Jews, so he's certainly a Palestine history denier.It just so happens today I received an email from an artist friend (we were talking about his doing a Munden's Bar story). He told me, and I quote, "The guy who made the OJ tapes, Tom Riccio, is the same Tom Riccio who produced the Silly CDs series of trading cards 7 or 8 years ago. He paid too much for production costs, printed too many cases, and couldn't get good distribution….But still he made 150 grand off the deal by suing one of the distributors. He's also the guy who auctioned off the Ana Nicole Smith diaries." Yeah, I've got a LOT of interesting friends.Nobody — and I think NObody — has said O.J. was smart, but I think Elayne was suggesting he's either in the government or a merc.

  4. Vinnie Bartilucci says:

    Personally I expect him to catch more hell for claiming there are no gays in Iran than for denying the holocaust.