RIC MEYERS: Slings and Extras

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5 Responses

  1. Glenn Hauman says:

    Didn't Slings And Arrows borrow a bit from the death of Del Close?

  2. Ric Meyers says:

    Why, yes, it did, altho' I'm not sure whether the chicken or egg came first. In either case, I believe Close's skull was used in a production of the Scottish play, as is the cranium of the dead ex-artistic director in the second series. Mr. Gold, can you clear this up for certain?

    • Mike Gold says:

      Nope. Neither the skull that had been ghosting as Del's appeared at the Goodman, nor Del's skull, which I believe is in ashes. Sadly, the story about Del's skull is an urban myth.Besides, Del's skull would be an Equity skull, and the Goodman ain't gonna pay scale to a dead guy.

  3. Mary says:

    I think you meant "the love of his life, Ellen Fanshaw (Martha Burns)…" Susan Coyne's character, Anna Conroy, had some interesting love affairs, but not with Geoffrey Tennant. Hutt's funeral will be later today. What a sad loss. I've enjoyed him for years at the real-life "New Burbage Festival" – in Stratford, Ontario.

  4. Ric Meyers says:

    Oops. Of course you're right, Mary. Sorry 'bout the gaffe. Susan Coyne is a co-creator of the show, not the actress who plays the Burbrage's leading lady. My apologies.